How to step up the level of emotional torture PhD students are subjected to by academia:
In addition to the normal status for submitted papers, which are "received", "under review" and "decision pending", let's add "undisclosed"!
Which means they know about the decision, you know they know, they know you know they know, but they will still leave you hanging for an unknown period of time, bathing in acidic dread.

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    From now on I'm going to use "undisclosed" every time company ask me for my details. πŸ˜‚
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    @scor I'm mentally preparing for a rejection. It's safer :)
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    Maybe they want to disclose the status on the notification deadline for everyone at once. And your paper has already been decided on, hence the disclosed status?
    What conference is that ?
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    @dder This is exactly the case, but they could have just left the status as "Decision Pending". Knowing that a decision has already been made and logged is the nerve-wrecking part.

    The conference is IROS.
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    I know you know they know you know they know, but that's how mafia works...
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    @NickyBones I mean it’s just a mental thing anyway; because you were not to find out earlier anyway. Anyhow, it would be sort of relieving to me, that there is nothing I can do now. (As opposed to “I could, but don’t know what or how”. Hope that makes some sense). Like I’m polishing an application or CV or paper or whatnot, and at the time I submit it’s final. It’s stress relieving to me. Dunno exactly what I’m trying to say here. Maybe “you’re not alone” or something…
    Anyway, fingers crossed that it’s an accept!
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    Got the results - accepted!

    Now I'm going to find something else to complain about...
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    @NickyBones huge congratulations!
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    What is this, MKULTRA? This holds back other employees from working! This is pretty slimy.

    Watch how this doesn't change for a week and then your PM calls you and asks you angrily why no work was done.
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    @NickyBones Holy shit, congratulations! 🀝🍾😎😎😎
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    Holy f*** almost had a heart attack reading this. You just reminded me of the paper I sent back the revision of a week before. This stupid timeframe where you are not on any load but on huge emotional stress…… And then *this*? If this happened to me I’d be flipping absolue $h!+! Congratulation on the acceptance tho!
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