I'm just wondering how many developers is tire of people asking them to build a complete custom site in WordPress. And when you tell them "hey Fucker it would be faster and work better if we just build this cms from scratch" but the client won't budge they want fucking WordPress no matter what...

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    "so you want your site built with the most hacked platform worldwide? sure, no problem. you want some extra plugins with that?"
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    To extend on @kanduvusla's comment. "Do you want a massive, bloated, poorly coded plugin that makes the entire site drag so you can rotate improperly scaled images on your front page?"
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    "Because Wordpress is user friendly and easy to use"
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    I sense some tension on this topic...
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    I can't stand Wordpress, forced to use it at my new corporate job.
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    Non programmers asking for wordpress couse friend told them its good for SEO :D
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    hey! don't be nazi about wordpress, it's another tool, good in many ways ...imagine all the people, living live in peace uuh uuuh you may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one...
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    Yep, 1 Wordpress site a while back took down my VPS. I ditched the site and the whole fucking installation and custom built the site with the same functionality but miles faster in a fraction of the time. Wordpress is utter shite. But there's lots of design agencies recruiting Wordpress developers. Go figure.
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    Sometime it's best not to argue, give the client what they want, but make sure to charge them for the privilege of making you do it in WordPress!
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    To be fair, Wordpress has a bigger development community than any custom CMS. Rhetorical question. What happens in 5 years when you are no longer the developer(s) and a serious security bug is found?
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