Was given 24 hours to come up with a payroll solution
opensource or develop one
any opensource resource to help ?

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    Wtf? If they need payroll solution in 24 hours they should write payroll application to google and use one of SaaS solutions.
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    @hack at least in Sweden payroll programs are a lot of work to get right and need at least yearly updates to stay compliant with the requirements of the law.

    And if they are simpler than that you could just go with excel and be done with it since you would need to do all the hard things manually anyway.
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    No problem let me just study up on tax law in 24 hours
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    One does not simply roll a dice and have a payroll system.

    Local tax laws, pay rates, reporting periods change from country to country.

    Find what is the more popular one in your area and tell your boss to stop being a cheap ass and pay for it.

    Depending on local laws the costs could be tax deductible 😏
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    @C0D4 good point. Especially in my country , our taxation change about every month based on politics.
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    Our HR in house program has been going through a re-write.

    Even with an existing application as a template, lots of code re-use, and plenty of full time devs, 5 years later and it still is not finished.

    24 hours, even if it's just payroll is.... Lolling.
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    Tell me guys

    how do i tell these fucker to go fuck themselves

    this is dev abuse!!!!!!!
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