Are you part of a startup?
How does it feel being in there? Is it any different from normal jobs?

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    Yes. pressure to not fuckup much higher, and the workload is high. Other then that: startups are all about delivering results in the shortest time possible. As long as you deliver, you can pretty much set your own hours.
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    I have been working for a startup 5 months now. I started as junior developer, and now i am lead product developer and also highest paid employee (even higher than founders). Aside from this you can learn more things quickly in agile environment.
    I suggest doing internship for any startup if you like their idea.
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    Do you have any kind of automation to prevent mistakes?
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    Did you had any prior working experience? You became a leader quickly
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    @tinybyte depending on the startup. most don't bother with automation, as it makes the dev cycles longer.
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    The pay sucks, and the paychecks are not regular. 😡

    The work and culture is great, though!
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    @tinybyte i had experience as freelancer. But I had some good ideas and i am fast learner, that's why i became lead.@Ashkin pay sucks, but experience is good.
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