Is Apple alone who owns the rights to its systems? Or do users also own the system when they buy the iPhone? What I know is that users have a USER ONLY license, a non-private, limited and revocable license by Apple. And if what I think is true and that Apple owns its systems, then it is a private right for it, isn't that true?. So why are governments such as the governments of the European Union trying to impose laws on Apple and try to impose changes on Apple's systems even though the systems are private and not public or open source? Is this not considered an attack on private property? I don't know, I just want to get your opinion on the matter more..
What I know is that there are options other than Apple's own systems!!. Therefore, if you want to change, take Android instead of forcing Apple to change what Apple does not want to change.

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    @zlice Thats a funny one
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    Look there is different !!,
    Apple make iphone slow even though that user is buy the hardware, and yes its a mistake.
    But user not buying the software/OS, so no one can force apple to do things with its own OS :) .
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    It's Apple's choice if they want to sell their shit in the EU or not.
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    @electrineer exactly this.
    Apple can follow the principle with owning their systems in other countries.

    Atleast the EU cares about people in this regard.
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    what even is this comment. No consumer benefits from that. Laws exist to make the world a place better for everyone not create and conform giant companies
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    @joewilliams007 you are right, exceptions apply though.

    * in most countries
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    I don’t get this rant at all. What systems are you talking about? What do you mean by owning? What do you mean with private? What should change?

    And why do you think that Google (Android) treats its users better than Apple? It doesn’t. At least Apple takes privacy seriously.
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    @Lensflare does it? Who says that? This myth is just their PR and marketing at work
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    @ess3sq yes it does. Every scummy company and developer that makes money by spying on its users (like Google) hates Apple for its enforcement of privacy.
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