Okay wow elon musk ditched the Deal.

I don't know but i wanted to see elon buying Twitter

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    Would've been fun to see the death of twitter
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    There’s probably only 5% real users. Can’t blame him.
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    i predict he will make his own social media platform, subsidizes by gov and full of leaks, as always

    Actually, he might just buy a smaller one, pump some money and take all the credit
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    @Drunkzee so like trump has except that it's really the truth?
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    @jonas-w i am a bit out of the loop, what did trump buy?
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    I assume twitter will now die anyway.
    All the rubbish he unveiled.
    And it was due for a few years now.
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    @scor Maybe it will take Meta suite down with it as well
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    Sounds legit. Shares are diving, aren't they?
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    @scor Fingers crossed 🤞
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    @jonas-w @Drunkzee Its funny, because they started their own echo champers, because they "claimed" that they got censored. But the entire platform is a echo champer for the biggest extremists of thats side, due to they are deleting posts that isnt aliging with their idiotic takes or just disproof their claims/arguments.

    The place would be a good candiate for the normination of "no intelligent life". To sum it up its a bunch of boomer white trailer trash red necks, with no education, belives in conspiracy theories, fears medical science (and science in general) bunch of religious nut jobs.

    So if you wanna ending up becoming retarded from reading stupid content, then its the place for you.
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    @Frederick you sound like average twitter leftist user.
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    @aviophile Lmao, i didnt expect anything else than the paradox of your own idiocy in a form of your repsonse.

    Being a cry baby calling people woke and triggered until you yourself is triggered and crying about twitter being a shit platform, while you defend a platform that is gulity of the same.
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    @Frederick proving my point. Thanks.
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    @jonas-w when something has the word "truth" in its title it's usually the opposite XD
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    @aviophile It proof shit. Only thing it proof is a delusional american, can be that dumb and ignorant as useually.

    I have literally stated even in this thread, that i dislike twitter and by everyone that has just little sense could figure out that wouldnt make me a left ring.

    But again does american proof they dont know what a term means "left wing, socialist, communist".

    If you guys would start investing in schools instead of shooting up schools and pray to you stupid god that doesnt exist.

    Then you could get people that arent hypocrites and as truely dumb as you are.

    Honestly it would waste my timeless if i started to "argue" with a tree. At least tree could say half the idiotic bullshit you manage to say in a few words.

    US greatest nation of idiots.
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    @Frederick I got you on the ropes little angry boy;
    1. I didn’t defend any platform, i just told you were rambling like average twitter leftist
    2. I didn’t call anyone woke/triggered. You are hallicunating
    3. The verb is prove, not proof
    4. I am not american, you are hallicunating.

    Verdict: you are average, enraged, deranged twitter leftist.
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    @aviophile Its funny, because you keeps misundersting the classification of being a left wing. I dont really think i have heard a more idioic logic to classify anyone.

    "People ranting over a platform" = lefties.

    What a shit take honestly, if we should follow your own logic then people that critize twitter would be right wingers. Which is far from truth.

    Hallucination another word you clearly dont know what means. So let me correct you it was assumption that turned out to be wrong. Which is quite ironic since its what your first comment is built around, being a false assumption based on nothing.

    You are not triggered? Because you seems pretty annoyed since you would bother even comment to the original comment, weith such incorrect comment based on an assumption.

    The only conclustion is that i am ranter on platform built for ranting.
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    @Frederick tldr, not worth my time.
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    @aviophile Lmao, i could had told you that a couple of replies ago. That this would only stop when one of us got tired of replying.
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    @Frederick you sound like me when I go on a bullying spree. Lol, terrible. Cant help it though. Small disclosure, but I'm diagnosed borderline. Which is a fancy term for psychopathy.

    We're not all bad though. It's a spectrum, like autism. It doesnt mean you're a serial killer or other stupid shit like is depicted on CSI. First to make fun of people, but also the first to hug someone at a funeral when no one else wants to because the person is ugly crying.

    Also the 1st to tell grandma she smells and needs to take a bath, lol.

    Ands first to confront other, stupider bullies.

    Like you.

    If you want to know why the trailer trash has turned away from our side its because people like you wear your superiority complex on your sleeve as a badge to attack others.

    They may be stupid, but you're something worse Fred.
    You're mean spirited.

    And, everyone that is, is unwittingly a recruiter for the very side some of us condemn.

    Wait, who were you calling stupid?
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    @Wisecrack Honestly i only really insulted him and made a not so serious response, because his reply was only meant to be insulting me, his own fault he was braindead enought not thinking this would never lead to anything.

    Besides i putting your emtions as sides towards strangers, is pretty handy times to times, i dont really care that much about being like by everyone like a social media influencer anyway.
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