I asked my boss for a raise. Since we're data scientists, I basically plotted a column chart showing that he was paying me half of the european average. I said I was willing to negotiate but he was very 'discomfortable'.

Time to go find another job. Or second one 😭

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    showing your boss evidence, that the pay is shit is kinda funny, ngl.
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    @thebiochemic it’s the definition of big dick energy lol

    Love that shit
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    @Stuxnet @thebiochemic feeling flattered guys 🥰
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    clearly there are greener pastures, go for something else if they ain't willing to pay up
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    At least he doesn't fire you for a bullshit reason making you sign a contract relinquishing all your employee rights before you can hand over your resignation

    Yes they exist.

    No it didn't happen to me.

    Oh wait this was only written 10 hours ago.
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    @thebiochemic no kidding! I want this in an IT skit!
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