Why does the new Windows 10 S
Sound like IOS ???
Are they hinting something to us!!!!

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    @Torbuntu I want the netbooks to return...
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    for a $ 1000 laptop I expect more than 4gb ram and definitly the possability to use another Browser than just ms edge. How this should be for students or a chromebook competior is beyond me. But they are pretty.
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    10 S is like a rebrand of Windows RT.
    RT was shit because it only had apps, 10 S will be shit for the exact same reason.

    I also don't think the kind of user who likes this kind of OS would pay 1000 bucks for a laptop.
    The big advantage of the Surface devices was their tablet-like portability combined with a full-fledged desktop OS. Now they sell a less portable laptop with a mobile OS. I don't know how anyone at MS could think this was a great idea.
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    @deadlyRants probably the people who get paid mucho bucks by a billion dollar company? :p
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    @ScribeOfGoD nah, because they want have their enterprise software installed which surely wont be published on the ms appstore.
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    @deadlyRants difference being full windows 32 apps can run on it. I'm sceptical about this product as well as the laptop they released. 4GB of ram for $999 sounds ridiculous. Buy will wait to see how well it runs.
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    the EU will probably sue ms because of the pre istalled browser like they did before.
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    @heyheni ok, but they should sue google first
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    1- you're buying a laptop, you can between lot of options, it's not apple
    2- if you buy this laptop, you can install (almost) any OS you want
    3- for this price and specs you can find many laptops with same or worst sepcs
    4- Windows S make sense for average user, schools, company ... and yes you can convert easily any win32 app to UWP trough the free bridge, make it sense you'll be less able to break things
    5- anyway it will be still more powerful than chrome os
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