After doing the work he requested as he wanted he was not happy. So i thought we sit and discuss what he didn't like. I was so wrong.

Boss: "...you know what I think you are: a fraud; Masquerading as a developer. The database design you have given is shit. The template I gave you I did in 1 hour. You took half the day."

He gave a simple template to use and he told me to come up with an ecommerce db design via downloading PrestaShop and seeing what is relevant to us.

Me: "what did I do wrong?"

Boss: "you think I don't know what PK means in database design? Why the fuck did you put this here."

Me: "can I expl..."

Boss: "I'm not finished, you been here half the month and what work have you to show for it..."

Me: "I have..."

Boss: "You shut up when I can speaking"

Me: "ok"

Boss: "You have no work to show for the time you have been here. I tell you what to do. I want someone who is proactive. My friend, you will do the work I tell you to do, you understand?"

Me: "yes but can I just say that I have been doing your work I have the contact the various developers as you..."

Boss: " You shut up when your boss is speaking. Can you do this work? (Slightly long pause)

Me: "I can do it. But, I have done the bits of the work you said I do. I was h..."

Boss "don't give me bullshit stories...you haven't done the work..."

Me: "But you have spoken"

Boss:" You know what Im giving you 1 weeks notice if you are not able to do the work. Can you do it?"

That moment!!! I was literally shaking I could have high fived his face with his laptop.

Me: "yes I can"
Boss: "Then get the fuck out of my sight and do it"

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    I'd say get out of there if you can mate. Absolutely toxic, if you're being truthful about doing the work :(
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    You should tell him, if he thinks you did wrong.. Then he should do it himself... Not worth working your ass off for this kind of stuff
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    It's definitely one of those moments when you need to stand up and say. "You know what, you are a complete fucking prick, I'd rather chew on a piece of hardened cow shit than work for you.. go fuck yourself. Bye."
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    That is the moment when you ask for a raise. You're not paid to listen to his bullshit and lack of respect. Once, my boss tried something like that, i let him speak, when he finished i replied... if there was a hole for him to hide he would... Contracts are bilateral, you get paid for your knowledge nothing else, they don't own you.
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    Run. Just run.
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    Get the hell out of that sweatshop before it turns you into a mass shooter. Go ahead and tell your boss he runs a sweatshop on the way out.
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    Yeah start interviewing NOW.
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    don't fly - stand your ground. just record him, playback to his boss or HR. They don't want a harrasment/bullying at the workplace" suit... but if nothing gets done about your abusive boss (or if he's the ceo), then perhaps they do want one ;)
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