I love Windows!

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    We know you're lying... because no one LOVES windows.

    Some folks may tolerate it at best.
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    This sarcasm is going off the chart!
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    honestly i just use it too look outside
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    Blink once if you're being held against your will.
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    But not as much as it loves you 😏
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    @C0D4 it loves his data ❤️
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    I just switched to a Mac at work. I agree about Windows. Windows benefit is that WSL2 isn’t directly locked down by IT.
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    ! should be before love.
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    @ostream I have a strong suspicion that Windows' original command line was as shit as it was to make everyone use the GUIs, no dev in the world would intentionally write something so repulsive and unwieldy for themselves and their peers.
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    @ostream Yes. The good side of windows is that it runs a shitty version of Linux.
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