Macbook keyboard is shit
Especially european variant.

I want to see any person in the world that is braindead enough to think that making short left shift if favour of having abolutely useless button there is good.
This is the most stupid decision that could be ever made.

Not only the symbols used by that button are seldom used, they also are duplicated on they other keyboard keys. But shift is used all the time and must be big enough instead of that shit.

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    Keaboard layouts in general are shit. As a user just select any and stick with it. The best keyboard layout is the one you already know (also applies to GUI styles).
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    European layouts have been optimized to write text in the native (or rather local) language, but not for coding, so you have dedicated keys for umlaut characters like ä, ö, ü, and ß, but you have to use key combinations with shift and alt to for common brackets, braces, asterisk, tilde, and even colon and semicolon. Maybe that's why some people like python and yaml where you don't have to type that kind of characters all of the time.
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    Holy shit yes to this. I've had to return quite a few laptops because they had this "dutch" layout while on the picks they have the normal us with euro symbol.

    The short shift is just madness. And it's not for extra space either because the |/ is repeated and the enter key is often bigger.
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    That's not the European layout, it's the international ISO layout, as opposed to the American ANSI layout. I prefer ISO. ISO has one key more, it's not the layout's fault if the regional binding has duplicates.
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    @fraktalisman layouts were made slow to use. So quite the opposite to prevent jamming the type writer.
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    @fraktalisman yes to that. I couldn't care less about those special letters at work but there's always some weird key combination for the chars I use the most when coding
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    I use 3 languages to type. And code a lot. And still see no use in that useless bullshit button that decreases shift length.

    So people that were "optimizing" this are just fucking morons, this is actually counter-optimization.
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    I see, looks like you either use laptop olny for watching movies or a mutant that has 7 fingers instead of 5. There is nothing good in additional button if it brings pain instead of usability. ;D
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    @Argos I don't have tiny hands. The short shift doesn't bother me at all even when writing with one hand. On the other hand, I often miss the wide ANSI enter key since it's not tall enough. The ISO enter key just feels great to mash after finishing whatever you just did.

    However, I would prefer my bindings more programmer-friendly. They would definitely be even worse without that extra key.

    Typing on a Macbook keyboard may hurt regardless for all I know. And I generally dislike laptop keyboards for missing the navigation cluster.
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