Anyone had this been there - done that moment?
You know when you are developing a web app, you start and then after a while end up wasting hours on just which color to use in UI!!

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    I was making a CMS once for my personal use. The project failed because I didn't like the UI how the colours match and play with each other. I also deleted the project. What an asshole I am.
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    @error503 Happens buddy. My Sympathies.
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    Most of my projects are on hold because I got tired of looking for colors or behance/awards references
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    Generally I just use a palette of 3 colors and their shades.
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    @BradSharp that's how it should be I guess... A good UI shouldn't make use of excessive colours unless that is the explicit requirement.
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    @akashvartak yeah, generally it's suitable. I often find I actually only use two colors and then a range of white to black. Materialui.co/colors is very useful.
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    * I just comment here because I want to keep updated for new comments *
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