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    Maybe it is a smart flashlight that alters its brightness for what time it is for where you are. 😜😂
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    Data mining, duh.
    Like everything does now 🙁😧
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    @Ashkin i hate the direction tech is going, literally being used for evil right now
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    Their servers need to know where to point the super bright satellite
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    Perhaps to suggest you the nearest place to buy a real torch
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    Flashlights require regional licensing. Most flashlights can only be used within the continental US due to the contracts bound to the Flashlight Manufactures Union.
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    Lol, to serve you ads of course!! :)
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    Why can't they get it from NSA?
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    @ldrago Ha! As real as the Alien Autopsy hoax.
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    @Kunterbunth Yeah, just use your implants man.
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    When a flashlight app has 50 permissions request...
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    But how would it know where to flash the light without your location?
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    Stallman's hell
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    It's just to know where to send the sun
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