Serious question for anybody who has dared to understand manager-speak: Do you know what a 'Task Rewind' is? We have it in our documentation, but google gives me no help as to what the hell it could mean.

...Or should I just take my original gut feeling and classify this as yet another word for the clown dictionaries?

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    your gut feeling is right on this one.

    or, when in doubt: let your managers explain.
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    Some sort of "put it back" or undo?
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    Probably means reverting (but make sure you make them explain the wasted time to interested parties).
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    SOA/µSvc SAGA pattern? If so - then that'd be the UNDO-the-transaction task set.

    Can be wrong. Depends on the context
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    It means getting everything bass-ackwards and causing mayhem by infecting others with your confusion.
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    @Demolishun @kamen 'rewind' has two meanings. Giving things a boost makes more sense, unless it's just another word for retrospective.
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