monthly mediocre life crisis checklist:

✅ boring job, no learning, taking away 8 hrs/ day

✅ wasting 4-5 hours doomscrolling

✅ being a mediocre Android developer in a shitty company not upgrading his skills

✅ trying to learn webdev from a paid course but not getting any progress there

✅ having 15 paid leaves but a shitty friend cicrle which isn't nterested in going out

✅ 0 solo travel with no knowledge in driving any vehicle

✅ no girlfriend/ lady friends to talk to

✅ porn and boring nature killing any signs of being interesting

✅ gaining fat and ugly body

✅ simping at the gym

✅ hateful parents quarreling with each other everyday

✅ having sad life with no mental peace

things going correct in life

⬜ getting salary on time, able to afford bread

⬜ still try to workout 5d/week

⬜ still try to make small web projects

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    this app is so beautiful i have been leaving and coming back on it from last 7 yrs. if dfox doesn't stop it in next 50 or so years, i think i might post rants on it while being on deathbad too
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    Try making $11 bucks an hour cooking.

    At least you get to solve problems at your job.

    Quit doomscrolling. The only people it benefits is preppers on the one hand, and terrorists on the other.

    Avoid the parents. Life is too short for people who make you miserable.
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    Damn this sounds typical
    Would be nice if someone has a kept woman site then several problems would be solved including yhe weight gain.
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    I am in this post and I don't like it
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    get a haircut
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    adding to @Wisecrack, if you want more friends or to get a partner go out a bit more, meet new people, get a new hobby, start a class idk. that'll also help with the doom scrolling, don't have to numb your brain if you're engaging in a fun activity and talking to others
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    @Hazarth yeah just had one 2 days ago, was feeling very low that day too. then i just looked into mirror and that was my first instinct. my hair were not that long but still felt better getting a cut
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    Just take your head out of the sewage and it will start getting better.
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    Sounds like you live in Europe, just get your ass in a plane and leave that wasteland, shit will start to get better under uncle Sam.
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    @Frankistan hehe, oh boy. Yea, I’m certain paying for healthcare and having to use a car for every single thing will really help with the isolation and dooming.

    Now, it could help with the boring job part no doubt there are a lot of companies sin the US doing stuff, but it probably won’t. Most companies that will do visa paperwork are boring.
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    @jeeper dude you're paying for healthcare regardless lol

    But yeah I'll be real, the US car dependency is bullshit.
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    @Frankistan i should have said overpaying for healthcare. Typically in the us we pay for healthcare in the following ways
    Taxes, we spend more in government spending per capita than most countries that have socialized healthcare
    Premiums, monthly fees usually equal to the amount per month paid per year in other countries with socialized healthcare
    Deductibles, this is an amount you have to pay before your premiums kicks in any money to help (except ona few edge cases) and it’s usually 3k to 10k per year
    Co insurance: when your deductible is paid, you might still owe co insurance (and before in some cases)
    Out of pocket max: when your health insurance actually takes over paying once you have spent usually 8-12k in a year on deductibles and co insurance.

    So yea you gotta pay healthcare regardless but there’s a big gap in a government run system that might be inefficient and has a backlog and a cartel that is inefficient, but does not have such a large backlog because of how exploitative it is.

    Not to scare you off but US conservatives always throw that “somebody’s gotta pay” thing out there with no context to how badly we are getting screwed over and it pisses me off.
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