I see now why people can despise WordPress.

2nd week of just pure learning and I gotta say that I can see that the way it was built was paved with good intentions, but it's clear people wanted more from it and things have only gotten more and more messy.

Honestly, it's fine. It's not my favorite stack, but whatevs.

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    Wordpress is best web programming language!
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    It's absolutely shit and only for people who can't calculate Big O of their programs.
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    @abdnafees Compared to what? The shit show of JS frameworks?
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    @Demolishun oh boy, don't get me started of the JS debouchary
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    Wordpress, the mountain of shit shovelled on to turn a simple blog into a checkout ecosystem.

    I wonder where they went wrong 🙃
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    @C0D4 "organic" growth. If humans hadn't been involved it might have been better. Wait until we get AI designed frameworks.
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    @Demolishun I mean, it couldn't be any worse then the 5 minute frameworks people spit out these days .... could it?
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    I'm on therapy after working with it for a year.
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    Wordpress and javascript are ok, but they share tremendously bloated ecosystems
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    It's barebone as a blog is fine. It's code quality starts turning worse and worse when people install various things over it. Contact forms. Product list. Shopping cart. Payment system. The problems with these plugins are, they were made by totally unrelated people, who are totally unrelated to each other; who then proceed to change how wordpress works by each of their own.
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    @daniel-wu what he said.

    Most people don't understand that plugin systems are meant for small extensions.

    If you add e.g. a full shop system via plugins, then you basically get a Frankenstein that was stitched together from the local graveyard...

    ... Plugins don't form a cohesive system.

    Neither does a Frankenstein that consists of parts from humans > age 80.

    The same for most CMS systems...

    Just because you can attach a few plugins doesn't mean it's a good system.
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    @Demolishun I think a bit of puke has just risen to my throat... 🤢

    @iSwimInTheC Try CraftCMS, I promise you it's wayyyyy better than WordPress!
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    @PonySlaystation the entire company is on WordPress. And besides they have a dedicated WordPress developer, so I can kick back and enjoy the shit show. I still have to learn it though so I can jump in and optimize things when I need to.
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    It's organized if the person in charge knows what they are doing. But most 1 dollar devs leave a lot of shit fo clean in the end.
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    @iSwimInTheC If the entire company is on wordpress.. I wonder why don't they write their own website.

    For as long as I know, wordpress is usually used by one people who wants their own blog, or (the horror) online shop.

    If I have a company (with more than a few web developers), it doesn't make any sense to use wordpress.
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    @daniel-wu It doesn't... no. But I highly doubt that I could convince upper management to change their ways unless I can come up with a very convincing reason (money, time, and effort) to switch.
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