I have not remotely had the energy to post here. Nor reply. And it is a shame because most of you I consider friends. And if not friends, at least excellent aquitances.

People make comments, I dont reply. People make threads, and I dont respond. People make ++s, and I'm a ghost.

I enjoyed shitposting, and asking questions, and hopefully entertaining some of you. I really do.

I'm just in a funk where nothing seems to matter right now and I dont know why, pr how to get out of it.

I have threads, and responses from scor, nanos, nachoscode, and a dozen others I usually enjoy interacting with and it's like all the life has just been sucked right out of me.

I feel isolated and alienated from everything and everyone and I dont know why or when it started. Its just..there. nor how to talk about it.

I think I'm becoming a misanthrope or something. The more I go on with this sensation, the less I want to be around people, and I dont understand why.

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    I feel the same. I mostly come here to shitpost these days.

    I feel more nihilist and empty nowadays. Lack of human interactions and any kinds of meaningful relationships makes it worse.
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    Normal, all of us experience this feeling frequently.

    mostly due to the repeated tasks we do every day.

    I suggest u to try something different for some time, at least this is the way I deal with the feeling of being isolated.
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    I have been feeling this same way, even being in a big city now. I think since the novelty of our interactions and things we like have faded, it’s hard to see the benefit of outcome from the same or new situations anymore. Because of this we are less likely to try as hard as we get older. If we dedicate ourselves to something though, it is easier to maintain a healthy attempt. The question is, are things in our lives right now worth being dedicated to?
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    I am here.
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    Das a burnout and it's ok. Have some off time. I'm prolly gonna be here when you come back.
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    Kiki, phat lasagna, cyanide, iii, rantsauce, David, melezorus, I want to thank you all for what you wrote for me in this thread.

    All I have to say is it means a lot to me.
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    It is all too well documented that we need green space. We need to go outside. We need exercise. It’s not the most interesting thing, it’s not the most profitable thing, but it’s often the best thing. Many times the best things aren’t interesting or profitable.

    For a thousand generations we never stayed in one place. We hardly went inside and when we did we all went together due to weather or something. These screens are a simulation in the simulacra that is modernity. It has its perks, but we cannot detach completely from the wilds of not too long ago.
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    @melezorus34 & @jeeper & @Cyanide & Co are quite right.
    Not Kiki. That attention whore can fuck right off.

    It seems you have worked and achieved loads this year.
    Mind the last two years with COVID anyways.

    And it seems you are strong on the maths side with lots of logic and stuff.
    It helps civilisation, business, sciences and the pursuit of wisdom, yet is not too human.

    Allow yourself to be human.
    Appreciate yourself and your surroundings.

    You're a wise crack.
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    Thank you scor. Means something to me. This year I discovered the pleasure of semiprimes and shitposting.

    Also kiki's an attention whore, but kiki is OUR attention whore.
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    I am having a depressive episode as well.
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    Oh shirt.

    Now you guys kiss.

    My bad. I mean hug of course.
    Come here for a hug.
    You too, @Wisecrack.

    It's autumn. That's where these depressions tend to kick in.
    It's nothing unusual but still a little work to get outta there.

    Cherish the season with good lengthy walks, dudes.

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