I'm finally gonna quit!

Turning in my resignation tomorrow.

I can't wait to see the faces who took advantage of me!. First time in a while, I'm excited about Monday πŸ˜‚

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    Btw, I got a job in a big product firm, which has good track of employee care.

    Best part is, I don't have to pamper a toxic client.
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    We'll be waiting on an update on those faces.
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    Don't get your hopes up. I took the time to tell my first dept. manager I was giving notice after five years and she stared through me like she was looking for a spot on the wall behind me. Fuck corporate loyalty.
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    @bols59 "she stared through me like she was looking for a spot on the wall behind me."

    that sounds kinda like a shell shock, so i would say you've succeeded
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    Sorry for the late response mate.

    I did it today, its started chaos in top level management. My manager didn't even accepted that this is happening, he directly went CEO before even accept my resignation.

    CEO wants to talk to me tomorrow. Let's see what he has to say.

    The most irritating statement my manager said was, "I can easily fix your problems, please stay here"

    Well if that's easy, why didn't you do it so far.

    I'm so enjoying these processes.
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    πŸ“ŒJust placing my pin here in case you post more updates here.
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    I would like an update as well.
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    Thanks for the update.. But due to the nature of your update, I think we have to demand another update after you spoke with the CEO :D
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    @qwwerty thank you. I think it was the heavy meds she was on!!
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    CEO did a amazing talk about how much I am important to the company and the great opportunities that are lined up for me here.
    Things like,

    - lead engineer promotion.
    - switch to a less stressful projects.
    - 4 hours/per day work.
    - choose your own salary amount.
    - opportunity to move to different country.(sponsered)
    - etc, etc

    I listened continuously for almost 30 minutes as he was going on and on.

    Finally, said simple "No, thanks" for all the above bulls**ts.

    He was helpless.

    The reason behind why they give so much important to me is because the client I'm managing is the top revenue client for the company, hence they are worried if they gonna lose trust of the client.

    Anyway, not my problem, lol.

    When you don't care when employee suffers, employee will stop cares at some point and that's something cannot be undone.

    Finally, my resignation is accepted.

    Very much looking forward to say, "see y'all, losers".
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    I guess if one only knew your skillset and the name of the employer. Your boss is going to struggle hard and is ready to pay the big bucks for whomever is going to replace you and can do that quickly.
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    @TheCommoner282 I guess one will never know πŸ˜„
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    Oh @masterwayne
    Don't you have any contacts in the company that can feed us more Intel on proceedings within the company that you just left?
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    Overheard (micro) managers view on dev machines:

    ”We only need shitty laptops.”

    No. We actually do not. We need high-end stuff. Because of, wait for it, not quitting our jobs.

    And it was such a great moment for me (again) just being confirmed over and over that my manager is clueless. She has no idea what we are doing.

    Utterly useless.
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    I had this opinion once. Why would I need a good machine. I just write code...

    Then there was the local dev environment. Microservices. Working together. Every single one in a container. And not the slim container. No, it's based on the slim container, but it is fitted with all the tools we might need for development.

    Running 30 microservices and a message queue. Every microservice can come with it's own instance of a database.

    Turns out, 8 GB is not especially much.
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    @Ikaroz Thanks man!

    Its been 12 days since I sent the email. They still trying to convince me directly and indirectly. Even I made utterly sure that I won't go back on this decision many times.

    The problem is the notice period which is 90 days on paper. But I have seen incompetent people allowed leave the company without servicing a day on Notice. Just because my manager wants me to stay, they are making me serve full notice period.

    Luckily, the company who hired me accepted to wait till that time.

    Its like I'm punished for being a good performer.

    My manager thinks of me as his eternal enemy since that email :D.
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