So apparently I now know someone who knows a bit about hacking

Let's see what he'll teach me

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    @4ndyc0d3r nah, but maybe I'll learn to hack into someone's camera, make some screen shots of their screen, he told me a bit of how to do something like that
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    as @4ndyc0d3r has said metasploit is the best option for what you want right now, just don't generate the code and run it straight off. make sure you learn what the code it generates does where you can write your own. other than that I suggest learning how to use nessus to find Web vulnerabilities, not saying you have to hack websites but it is a good thing to run on your own sites to make sure you don't get hacked
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    I wanna back too
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    @jerome724 thanks :P

    @4ndyc0d3r yeah, he told me about metasploit

    @jckimbleK Ok, noted, I'll be learning about this stuff when I've got time :D

    @programmingTrtl you know you can edit your comment for 5 mins after you posted it, right?
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