I have too many incomplete side projects

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    And way too many "empty" GitHub repos
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    I found it helps to try to devote some time to some time to each one every day, if possible. Try making a todo list and a brief checklist project plan with dates. Good luck 🍀
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    trello bro :D
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    i feel you bro
    app (quiz game, quizup was faster haha) 2013 - ?
    specialized website (wont tell :) 2013 - ?
    app (old cardgame my grandpa knows, he requested it btw) 2014 - ?
    app (another card game) 2015 - ?
    browser game (frogger) 2015 -
    online snap decoder (after a research i found ot they changed the well known hash years ago) 2016 - ?
    website (we bought with two friends for 300euro) 2016 - ?
    app (shooter, based on a story i figured out with a friend) 2017 - ?
    numerous eshops

    but i finished a flash - moorhuhn - imitation (you have to shoot the heads of me and my 2 friends) and a website for funny stories (which has literally zero visitors) back in 2013!
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    trello and consistency might be the key. consistency, me friend. no matter how small the progress is.
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    your procrastination monster is just too strong. find a way to beat him, then u'll be free.
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    Main ones:

    A stackoverflow site where people are nice to each other.

    A JS framework for making frameworks.

    A Developers ranting app...oh wait...
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    We all do unfortunately...
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    Haha I have so many side projects that I called one of them Sides (a game)
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    @Jumpshot44 never work on multiple projects at once, focus on one and make it till the end! Then you move on to the next one
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