Today I saw a code written by my junior. Basically excel export. The laravel excel package provide great ways for optimization.

My junior instead did 6 times loop to modify the data before giving that data to the export package. We need to export around 50K users.

When I asking him why this ? He said it works and it's fast so what the issue ???

Noob , you have only 100 users in the database and production has 10 million.

Sometime I just want to kill him.

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    Did you at least explain to him very clear, how he could improve and what the issue is?
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    He's a junior.
    "My junior" I assume you're his supervisor?
    Explain it to him and tell him to do it the proper way he'll learn and you'll not have to correct him again. Win win 👍

    We've all done weird things when we were starters.
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    It is your duty to teach
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    Sounds like wk331 opportunity!
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    Some more information: he has done same mistake multiple times and I have done pair programming to explain and fix the issue. And stuff like this has happened multiple time.

    As a junior he is allowed to make mistakes, not same type of mistake multiple time.
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    Also he has 3 years of experience.
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    yeah let him get the message and make sure he understands that it was fast because he had 100 users only then ask him the question will it be fast if you deal with 10 millions users?
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    @dIREsTRAITS next week I am gonna take whole production dump and import in his local db.
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    So. Lemme simulate this in real time.

    Take the stairs, run around the building for each iteration, for each object created do one push up.

    I'll be counting.
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    @marcus5914 make sure to to exclude e-mails incase he sends them n! times
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    @marcus5914 yes and while you do that and the setup is ready then gather the whole team to watch the result so next time he doesn't flash you with that response: ' what's the issue'
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    So basically you are saying that he lacks skills on optimization and reflecting on previous mistakes, and you lack skills on mentoring and coaching.
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    @gosubinit I don't know what else to do here. I have given him all the resources, have done multiple pair programming to show and how to fix issue. Have given tutorial link and blog link that talk about that issues.

    If you know what am I missing, I am open ear man.
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    @gosubinit also that was person was not technically junior. He had 3 years of experience in Laravel only.
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    @marcus5914 guide him through reflecting on previous mistakes not by giving answers, but giving questions.

    - What failed?
    - What was the implication(s)?
    - What was the fix?
    - If you could go back in time, what would you advise yourself in order to avoid the event?
    - Which other previous mistakes would have been mitigated this way?
    - What will help you remember this next time? - if they go with "I will not forget" let them fail again, and reapproach now asking for something other than "just remembering"

    I second you, failure is ok as long they come as learning and raise the bar. Some people just don't know how to "navigate" failure, so you step in and lead the way through this realisation.
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