Someone on a Facebook group asking how they can make a video auto-play with sound at maximum when a visitor hits the home page.

Me: Here’s how: Log into your site via SSH and cd to the docroot. Type “rm -rf” and hit Enter. Then throw your laptop in the river and go work at McDonald’s. Because if you are stupid enough to ask this question, you are too stupid to be allowed to own a website.

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    If you listen closely, you can almost hear the websites in 1998 with their auto playing midis on full blast while cheap gif skulls and envelopes spun around every 2 inches on the page.


    000000014 visitors
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    **Loads Shotgun**

    I just want to talk to the guy who asked the question
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    I love that by default if I play a video files in my browser it switches back to 100% volume.
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    @jonas-w reminds me of WAP pages :) ooohhh the days... I mean nights :)
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    @jonas-w it should look broken and have scrollbars on mobile for full authenticity 😆
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    @Sid2006 this is the most American thing to do .

    Because in my country we loads now and arrows ( with fire)
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