Was searching how to embed youtube video in html and found this in w3schools..... The guy who wrote this turorial hates auto play i guess.... It really is annoying 😡

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    Someone is obsessed with autoplay. I hate autoplay videos too.
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    Autoplay should never ever be used apart from sites like YouTube, but even then should be an option to disable it.
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    Thank god pornhub doesn't have autoplay
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    @calmyourtities the popups do, and occasionally it slips by chrome. Really confused me today when I couldn't figure out what was playing music
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    @iam13islucky and it's fucken scary.
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    @iam13islucky have you tried installing AdBlock Plus?
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    @soup-bowl Why AdBlock Plus ? It got bought and now companies can put them self on the whitelist....use AdBlock Or uBlock or ScriptSafe
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    @SHA-256 it was made to stand against companies, how did it get bought?
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    @SHA-256 i cant see what's wrong with that, and they only levy a charge on sizable corporations. Smaller ones can get whitelisted for free, and the acceptable whitelist is very strict. It at least means you can help the site and not cut their advertising revenue entirely. And you can disable it, either way it'll still block malicious adverts.
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    Tell me what website you plan to put autoplay in so that I can make sure I'll never visit it :-)
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    Thank God common sense won this one.. Autoplay is a real douche
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    @iam13islucky I always ended up losing my hard on during pornhubing when one of those ugly fuckers popups comes with loud af sound or gay porn.
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