Today I gained thousand ++'s and got a dog... I left the dog home alone and

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    bad doggo :c
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    @filthyranter I am happy it was only the headphones (glad my charging cable is OK)
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    I found a new use of it:
    You know when you open your phone and some loud music plays...Then you try to lower the volume, but instead you lower your ring sound....You just fucked up...

    But now for only 9.99 you can get LowerMyVolumeForever3in1butTheOtherTwoAreMissingBanaanna

    *small text here*
    taxes may aply (up to 3400% for StuufYouDoNotUnderstand) and up to 5700% for shipping

    Now in kickstarter...
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    20++ - stickers
    500 - stress ball
    1000 - dog
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    @azous Exactly!

    I even once was late for school because of this. The alarm didn't ring
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    @Mitiko happened to me too , that sucks :/
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    Its time to buy..

    .. A New dog.
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    Bad doge
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