Just had meeting with a potential client.
They wanted to move their existing website from the internet to the cloud 😲. I left so quick I forgot to take my business card back.

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    Better change your phone number!
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    Dude. Easiest money ever.
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    ... and pain-in-the-ass client.
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    It's insane how many people just listen to buzzwords without taking context into account. After countless experiences like the one you mentioned I think clients need us to think on their behalf. That's kind of why I'm slowly shifting towards consulting them. I'm not sure I nailed it yet, but I basically ask them what they're trying to achieve (ex: more conversions, clear UI, etc.). The only problem I have is it can sound a bit patronizing.
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    What's the problem, just climb up there.

    (Put that server on top of another server.)
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    I'm sitting here laughing my ass off, just wow 😂
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    I hope they approach me next 😜
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    oh no xD
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    @anyhus CURSED POST
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    @lunarkittie I wonder if cloud technologies and other new technologies like HTM 5 can lift the curse. Maybe it can even start machine learning
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    100 years later A.I. will laugh at us stupid humans.

    This will be one of their general jokes 😂
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    Haha fuck those fucking fuckers. Fuck fuckity. Sorry, just trying to be as cool as @letmecode.
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    Well at least he tried to sound smart.
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