Blizzard clowns have done it again… they changed male/female to body type selection. Voices are still male/female, characters are still referred as he/she. Fuck these pandering piece of shits.

I hate non-tech people hijacking tech field inch by inch.

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    I really don't get your problem. Everything else is images too so it makes sense to make the last two images. Also, what does this have to do with non-tech people "hijacking" tech field at all?
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    Gotta love it.

    I was thinking of doing some catastrophe tourism to figure out what the next big trend would be.
    I'd then buy stocks of companies 'adapting the inevitable' wait for them to quickly spike, sell off and in the last stage masturbate to these shares and society falling.
    A good Bordeaux should be there too!
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    @Zohiu sjw salespeople/pr types force tech to subscribe their agenda. Most of these come from non-STEM losers
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    @Zohiu changing male and female to body type is stupid. Injecting rl politics to already settled mmorpg world where genocides, massacres, murders happen is stupid. What is next? We will remove guns from game because there are school shootings outside?
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    @AvatarOfKaine You can hate people all you want, I really couldn't care less, but you should at least get the people right. Calling a trans female a man with a beard is like calling saying you're so ugly because of your blonde hair, when your hair is actually brown. Doesn't make any sense, right?
    I bet you met tons of trans women in your life without knowing. That's the whole point. They don't have beards or look and sound like men except maybe in their very early transition. Give it like a year and you can't tell anymore.
    Also why do people like you always hate on trans women only? What about trans men? You know what, they have the beards you think trans women have.
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    Why can't body type two be topless like body type one?
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    @kaki the game selection models some characteristics of the attitudes of the time
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    @Zohiu ok company shill. Clearly you dont know bliizzard controversies at all. Check afrasiabi and cosby room. Then come back tell me they would do it from start.

    Why do I care too much? Read my comment again idiot, i dont want today’s loud minority injecting their agenda to old games. What kind of idiot thinks removing male and female is a sane shit. It is only a ploy to get money of idiots like you
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    @NickyBones you said it yourself. They replaced old female with clearly thinner one excluding fat people or tall people from women category. They couldnt even succeed at pandering to idiots
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    @daniel-wu you're claiming that no one can decide their own gender, but by doing that you're trying to decide everyone's gender. Can you see the irony in that? In the western world people can make decisions especially about their own life, not everything is decided by strict norms or authorities.

    How does it affect you if someone is not the exact copy of you? Does it feel difficult because you are scared to think independently how you actually feel about yourself and your feelings?
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    @aviophile That is exactly what I mean. You really think you can tell who's a trans woman and who's not by "oH nO aBoMiNaTiOn". The thing is, you can't. You often can't see the difference between a male cross-dresser and a woman even, and there is nothing but clothes and makeup involved. Don't you think that actual changes to your body should be as good or better? Nobody would do it otherwise.
    You just have a completely wrong image of trans women in your head. (Maybe you got that from weird fetish porn? I can only guess.)
    Btw what does dying your hair have to do with it?

    You're stuck in the past. This happened a lot of times in history. Remember when women were property? Yeah people called women's rights a stupid new agenda and wanted everything like before. That's exactly what's happening with you. Just accept that the old times are over and let people live their life. Nobody is hurting you by being trans, yet you choose to hurt them.
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    @electrineer you can call yellow red, or trans red. It doesn't change the fact. You need a lot of die to make it look like red but in the end, it will be just a mix under then the red skin.

    Calling yellow red doesn't hurt me once, sure but if we can not agree on basic truths, we impair ability to think.

    These people think they feel like woman, how do they know? And is thinking like something equaling to being something acceptable way of thinking? I don't call myself a doctor, I don't call myself a 2 meter basketball player. You would ridicule me if I did. But why is it ok for a man to call themselves, not just feel like, a woman? Basic truths mate, we either agree on them or not.
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    @aviophile I doubt they call themselves a 2 meter basketball player either if they aren't one. They just tell basic truths, mate.
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    @Zohiu Reading you, typing shit like this, it is indeed wrong of us to let women have equal rights haha.

    Just because we get some progress in the past, doesn't mean we should progress further to a point that we regress. Blacks were slaves. Should we make white people slave because we couldn't imagine blacks not being slave in the past?

    On the porn shit, weak point... How dare you call tranny porn fetish? That is normal!!!

    On crossdresser point, again weak. Hearing them talk or seeing them naked crush the mirage. There are Instagram filters that make people more beautiful. I may not recognize in the screen, but real life is easy to recognize.

    You can't food the nature, you can only fool yourself.

    You also do not even mention the topic of early transitioners heavily regretting their decision, only to realize that it is too late to retransition. Because we have "oh so progressive" society that we listened to kids who felt like woman and pumped them with chemicals...
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    @electrineer Are they woman or not. Give me your honest answer.
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    @aviophile who am I to tell what they are
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    @Zohiu he said it in the OP.
    adding nonsensical options that are incompatible with the lore/character/everything else, just to appease the DIE cult
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    @aviophile About the porn: First of all, I'm not talking about normal porn with trans people, I'm talking about porn made to present trans people as a fetish while being offensive at the same time. Also you literally invalidated all your points by using the t-slur.

    About crossdresser, I AM talking about real life. NOT INSTRAGRAM. You. YOU. have seen and talked to trans women in your life without noticing. 100%. Why would you want to see them naked btw? People aren't naked in public.

    And about de-transitioning. You're only looking at the scary reports of the few times it happened. Like 1% of trans people who transitioned regret it. Is that 1% enough to invalidate and refuse to accept and treat the remaining 99% of people? And society isn't pushing people to be trans. It's literally illegal to medically have a child transition and even when you're an adult it's hard to. It's just an argument that doesn't work. Just because someone crashed a car, doesn't mean we should ban all cars.
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    @Midnight-shcode Are you sure we're talking about the same thing? A body type selector. That can't be incompatible with any lore. Literally just body type. Nobody even notices it except the people who are randomly offended by it and care too much.
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    @Zohiu "can't be incompatible with any lore"

    are you sure? how about a game about Cleopatra? or Xena the Warrior Princess?

    or, since it's about warcraft, Arthas?

    i mean... i could also go directly for the Death Knight, but it might be only in my native language that KNIGHT is automatically male.
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    @Midnight-shcode Doesn't that make a body type selector MORE useful? If I pick a knight, its male like you said. So I don't have to select gender and can rather select how my character looks.
    Just makes more sense.
    The way you are talking about it is that a gender selector is useless because you picked a male character.
    So you're saying the same thing as me. Body type makes more sense than gender even lore-wise.
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    @aviophile About "How do trans women know they're women?"

    So first of all. Gender and Sex are different things. We have known that for ages. We also both agree that Sex is what you're born as and is hard to change.

    Gender is fully neurological. It happens in your mind. Female and Male brains have slight differences and Trans people have brains that match the gender they identify as more than the one they werde born as. That's literal scientific proof why trans women are women.

    If you don't believe me that gender happens in the brain and trans brains match what they identify as, imagine your body disappeared. You're a floating brain. What's your gender? There, that's what you identify as. Now no matter what body your brain gets put inside, it will still be that same gender that you identify as.

    It's really not that complicated.
    Now the final question: Why can't you identify as being taller?

    Correct! Your size doesn't have anything to do with your brain. It's your body.
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    @aviophile I consider myself a lefty, and I don't see any pandering here. It's just weird. It would have been nice to choose a gender AND a body type on top of that.

    If games have the budget for it, they could have an ambiguously-gendered character who looks like Tilda Swinton :)

    I really liked that In LoZ OoT, Sheik (whose appearance was ambiguous, maybe a little on the dude side), turned out to be princess Zelda in disguise.
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    @aviophile on that note there was s single attack with a samurai sword against a crowd in Japan
    This game should be banned in Japan
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    @Zohiu it was extremely frustrating
    You lived through the time period
    Youd understand
    Suddenly every piece of shit with s mouth that wanted to make other people unhappy, and there was no other reason started guilt tripping overall decent people. When the reality is they were hypocrites doing Horrible things and consistently lying about it. It's why you get painted as the bad guy . You reacted eventually after much urging.

    Since we're talking in retard speak
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    @Zohiu I don't care if people are crazy enough to chop their own dick off and inject hormones

    But I will not give up common sense or my right to say it's crazy because it is

    And this whole movement is used as an excuse for child abuse

    Just like the obese is healthy movement

    By the time an immature mind knows that it fucked up it's body or that it's a sad freak it's too late.

    Birth assigned gender is one thing
    No choice there and likely in some cases the choice was made by Ms. Bates and unnecessary.

    But there are people who encourage starvation and say it's pretty which in some cases causes male definition to not occur during puberty which leads to the next step of encouraging them towards self defining as women

    Sometimes it happens much earlier
    And it's ridiculous anyway

    The reason that there are things like romance defined gender roles in some cases is for the core of this anyway and noone says a guy can't like feminine things. This takes things too far.
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    @Zohiu and also snake. I've been around enough to see the outcome later in life in many cases and it's sad
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    @Zohiu @aviophile she sounds just like a sex trafficker is coaching her since they're the ones who support this the most vehemently or encourage others to do so. There is big money in guys that look like women not sad men with wigs
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    @AvatarOfKaine Do you literally take what I already said and turned it around. Sex trafficing and child abuse have nothing to do with trans people, no matter how you put it. People don't go through all that pain and think of commiting suicide if they can't transition just to be in some porn. I also already said that it's literally impossible to have a child transition or anything. It's not legal in most developed countries and I don't think it should be. I also have never seen the "sad outcome" in later stages of life, because like 99% of old trans people have been very happy about transitioning.
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    @NickyBones I agree. Both choices would also have been nice.
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    @AvatarOfKaine I grew up in 90s where girls were encouraged to starve to be "thin and pretty", which led to terrible health consequences for these girls, including reproductive issues.

    If you were above 50kg, you were considered fat and boys at school mocked you.

    And that had nothing to do with trans people - back then none of us was even aware such thing existed (trans people).
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    @NickyBones well today people starve themselves literally for money or are forced into it so norms have changed.

    Personally my first gf I loved to death but was one of these messed up people and broke my heart was a tad heavy at first till I screwed all the weight off her. Most of the thin. People in my hometown were apparently being prostituted to old men.

    So the norms were what we were aware of. I'll say that most of the girls I grew up with were healthy though.
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    @Zohiu no, because they put the option in for "gender inclusivity", so it was supposed to be gender: male/female, but at the same time chickened out from that due to politics as well as budget consideration (not enough time to make a full female variant, plus progressive cult would cancel them for implied statement that there are only two genders), so they made it a body type, which makes it moronically useless
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    @Zohiu gender happens in the brain based on the same hormones due to which it happens in the body.

    please explain how can body and brain develop different genders under the influence of exactly the same hormone mix.

    also if that can happen, please explain why it usually happens not during the appropriate stage of development, but usually during the time when the children start being indoctrinated by fucktard leftist antiteachers.
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    @Zohiu "trans brains match what they identify as"

    that's because mentally feminine men exist, same as mentally masculine women. and their brains will match, of course. a brain of mentally feminine man will match a female brain closer than the male one, of course.

    i would know, i am one.
    except i was lucky enough to not be prayed on by pedos who would brainwash me into thinking that the fact i don't fit into the gender stereotype of my gender means that i am not my gender.
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    @Zohiu sex trafficking might have nothing to do with trans people.

    but child abuse does. trans people are victims of child abuse.
    child abuse perpetrated by leftist pedophiles and rapists (and if you look into it, you'll see there's a very unusual concrntration of those amongst leftists. that's why they're trying to destigmatize pedophilia and why they insist on slogans "age is just a number" and "love is love")
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    tl;dr of everything i wrote here:

    F O U R
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    @kaki i'm not your son, stop spreading misinformation
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    @kaki i'm not being derogatory. pedophile child abusers who brainwash pre-pubescent kids into mutilating their bodies behind the backs and without input from parents are derogatory.

    "oh, your puberty just started and you feel uncomfortable about/in your body? YOU MUST BE TRANS! oh, you think and feel and percieve in more feminine way than masculine? YOU MUST BE TRANS, because gender stereotyping is hateful and bad, therefore i'm gonna stereotype the shit out of you until i break you and make you mutilate your body just because your mind doesn't conform to the expectations associated with your body!"

    there are four lights.

    fuck off.
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    @Midnight-shcode First of all, just because kids in a certain age start realizing, doesn't mean it's caused by society. That's like saying ice cream causes sunburn. Not, it's just sold more in summer and summer causes sunburn.

    Secondly, I already told you everything. Literally, you could just spend a minute researching and would get what I already told you. You are straight up spreading lies.

    You should go do an IQ test, I think there might be monkeys smarter than you...
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    @Zohiu the parents use the existence of an argument of norm and confuse their children early and reinforce an unhealthy mindset because they're twisted and bent just like this whore repeating their defense of idiocy and the censorship of common sense
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    @AvatarOfKaine Children aren't being confused. People don't try to make them think they're trans when they behave more like the other gender. The message to kids isn't that they should think about that, but more that they can behave like what gender they want and it doesn't matter.

    Also if this is your explanation for trans people to exist. That the parents make them think it. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN TRANS PEOPLE IN HISTORY???? Like in the 50s or something, they weren't accepted or ever told to be like that. They were forced to stay their gender. What did that cause? Freaking suicide. Oh and did I mention that they STAYED trans?

    Nobody is making kids think they're trans.
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    @kaki sorry but you are unhinged.

    There is no LGBT community - its a political NGO.

    LGB are sexual preferences.
    T is a mental illness.

    Women brain and men brain are not the same in mass and size.

    Grooming children to T is child abuse, it has been since the modern era up to 2014 when medical and political organizations realized they can capitalize on children and get away with it.

    Nothing you say can change these facts.

    I wish you well and hope you open your eyes and mind soon.
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    @Zohiu the decision to transition shouldn't be up to kids, otherwise its grooming.

    Denying the reality of how easy it is to influence children is ignorant at best and incredibly malevolent at worst.

    If the kids still feel that way after they are fully biologically developed (late 20's) they can transition and society should accept them as it does to all mentally ill individuals.

    Celebrating T is celebrating mental illness and thats how the grooming begins. Do you really need examples for this? @LibsOfTiktok should suffice.
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    @kaki sorry if i offended you, i didnt mean to.

    you are confused as to
    1. What a consensus is
    2. What does battle tested means

    You are free to close your eyes as you wish, do it at your own peril
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    @bioDan You're still wrong on the metal illness part. We call something a mental illnes if it has a negative impact on you or others. Beings trans doesn't have a negative impact on anyone. You can look at it like a part of your personality. Or are we calling different personalities mental illnesses now?

    But you agreed with me on the other part.
    Children should not medically transition. They should only be able to do it when old enough to make the choice for themselves.

    And that's what is happening. Doctors are not making a profit on trans children.

    You literally didn't have a single argument for your "side" (I'd call it stupidity instead of side)
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    @Zohiu you can call whatever you like however you like.

    The reality is you dance around terminology and definitions. Thats the undeniable truth.

    A person that thinks its born in the wrong body, is an illness of the brain by definition.

    It means that there is a dissonance between the cold biology fact of life, and the mental/spiritual conception of ones identity.

    You think theres something wrong with the body, so the fix should be there. The rest of us know theres something wrong with the mind, so the fix should be there.

    Its much safer for you biologically (and preferable) to change your mind than to change your body.

    Open your eyes, open your mind.

    I wish you the best of luck and a life without suffering.
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    @Zohiu what are your resources for saying doctors are not making a profit for transitioning surgeries?
    You are spreading either misinformation or disinformation.

    Here you can see the facts to back up my claim that they are making a profit, and will continue to do so on the expense of ordinary people like you and me in the US:
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    @bioDan Did you read what I wrote? I said they are not making a profit on CHILDREN because CHILDREN are not able to get those treatments.

    But is it bad that they're making a profit (on adults btw, who know that they're giving the money)? I mean they are also making a profit on saving your life after an accident. How else are they supposed to earn money?

    Oh and you can't just say that definitions are something you can argue about and then LITERALLY USE A DEFINITION AS YOUR ARGMENT. You cannot say that being trans is a mental illness by definition because that's not the definition. No matter where you look.
    I also can't just say that liking pizza makes you a bad human by definition. That's just now how it works.

    I've written like a whole book in this comment section using basic logic to disprove everyone like you. You know what also happened? They stopped using arguments and either went to using insults or just stopped responding. I feel like that's a sign.
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    @Zohiu I read what you write and I see how blinded you are by your own convictions. Can you see it?

    How do explain PUBERTY BLOCKERS?

    Have you seen testimonies of detransitioning teens? How they were GROOMED to be trans, and how they regret what they went through with no turning back?

    If you truly agree that's EVIL then stop denying the truth or excusing it with "only a small percentage.." bs.

    Its no problem that doctors make profit from giving care, its a BIG PROBLEM when they go against their Hippocratic Oath.

    and you ARE PLAYING WITH DEFINITIONS and I AM NOT. How you may ask? LOGIC.

    Its simple:

    If one THINKS/KNOWS one is born in the wrong body (a.k.a trans), then BY ITS OWN DEFINITION its a mental illness.

    (you need a mind to THINK)

    Its not MY definition, its the LOGICAL CONCLUSION of the statement.

    I don't need to reinvent definitions or anything like some do.

    Also congrats on writing the shortest book ever.

    You are clearly projecting onto me your own behavior.
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    @Zohiu I also have a mental illness, its called ADD.

    It doesn't mean that I'm more or less than anyone else.

    Same goes to people who think they are born in the wrong body, its a mental illness.

    some diseases are worse than others, its not a competition, and we should have compassion towards everyone. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Talk to some sane 40+ year old trans people and you will see how the majority agrees with my point of view.
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    @bioDan Unlike you, I have talked to many trans people before. You're just wrong. You take like a clickbait story you read on a sketchy news site once and apply it to everyone.

    1. There isn't a grooming problem among trans teens and a tiny minority regret it. By far not enough to call it a problem.

    2. Same thing applies to adults too.

    Read literally any of what I wrote before, I'm tired of repeating myself a million times because you dummies can't read

    btw, puberty blockers don't have that much of a negative impact. They delay puberty. That's it. They also aren't mandatory and not many trans kids take them. Basically only if the kid has been showing signs since a very early age and both the parents and a professional agree.

    And again, it's NOT being pushed. Kids are often discriminated for it by classmates and even teachers or their parents. If anything, they are pushed to think they're not trans.
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    @Zohiu you keep minimizing my points then saying they arent true. Make up your mind. It was obvoius you would take this position from the start.

    Stop the grooming of children, its illegal and such people should be prosecuted by the full extent of the law, even if its only one child.

    Btw, yoy can find detransition stories in UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. But i guess thats not enough for you, and i guess nothing will ever be.

    @kaki yes, neurons are a part of your brain/mind. A problem with your neurons is a problem with your mind.
    I.e. - mental illness. You treat it with psychiatric pills such as Ritalin. In my country you need a prescription by a psychiatrist or a neurologist to get such pills.
    But don't bother, its easier to close your eyes to painful truths.
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