okay so I'm working on a personal project
a medical and healthcare system
thinking maybe I can kick start a start-up based on this thing...

so been 3 days now trying to find a platform to deploy this thing for free of course just for presentation and demonstration.... and its been a pain

Finally settled for pythonanywhere.com managed to deploy but the deployment can easily drive you crazy if you dont know what you are doing which i had no idea what i was doing (lol) but its an easy think if your project is up on github found that out when i was researching how to deploy

was excited coz pythonanywhere offers a free MySQL server if your application needs a db on the backend
set that up and guess what what...... it doest even connect (lol)

was getting frustrated now and jumped on the search engine and searched for free mysql online db hosts and found this great platform
managed to grate an account, created a db and integrated with my application

then used this online phpmyadmin to check if the application was able to create the db structure on the remote server https://www.phpmyadmin.co/
and the structure was there :)

thot i should share maybe some1 might be wondering how to host their db backed application for free

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    A medical and healthcare system made by someone who doesn't know what they're doing sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
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    as a showcase project -- sounds really nice. As an actual healthcare app -- oh boi... Bear in mind that doctors are mostly arrogant elderly lads who see no point in learning new things and they want everything be done according to THEIR personal taste (each has a different taste). It's a "my way or highway" situation with healthcare apps. Even threatening to be kicked out doesn't work (only works for hi-prestige clinics/hospitals).

    In theory, a healthcare system sounds nice. But when you see the actual kitchen of healthcare... one starts to wonder how the f* did anyone manage to make them ditch working with paper (paper recipes, paper epicrises, etc.).
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    You are @electrineer not Softwareneer
    Sound like its yu who dosnt know shit
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    @Taqsblaz3 sick burn mate /s
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    @netikras where I'm from as long as you pitch your idea good enough and some bucks to bribe you can put anything on the market 🤣🤣
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