Mac: Hello welcome please sign in

Dev: Fair enough

Mac: Oh you haven’t signed in in awhile please get get verification from other device

Dev: kk

Mac: Oh you don’t have a dev account, please sign in on this website

Dev: Hm.

Mac: In order to sign up for a dev account you need to download this app

Dev: ???

Mac: Are you sure you want to open this app you just downloaded?

Dev: Sigh.

Mac: In order to sign up for a dev account on this app you need to sign into it

Dev: For the love of god

Mac: Ok now you can build with Xcode.

Xcode: No you can’t. You have to sign in

Dev: fuck sakes.

Mac: Are you sure you want Xcode to access files on your computer?

Dev: …Yup

Xcode: Signing in isn’t enough you have to select the fact you are signed in a dropdown nested 3 menus deep.

Dev: God damn.

Xcode: Build failed please sign in to phone as well.

Phone: New sign in detected, please verify with alternative device.

Dev: Jesus.

Xcode: Build success! Pushing to iPhone.

Dev: Finally.

Xcode: Unknown error occurred. Please go to support.apple.com for help. :)

Dev: …

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    Make it difficult for hackers to get in, but also make it difficult for everyone to get in.
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    Windows: Please use this command to snake msvc onto your computer and never see a microsoft sign on again. Use a different ide that uses that compiler.
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    Why are you making it that hard man, its simple:

    - Login to macOS

    - Download xcode

    - Login to xcode

    - Write your app

    - Connect a physical device

    - XCode will create a provisioning profile from that device

    - If XCode fails, run the app once and it should get it fixed

    - If that also fails, check XCode signing section for a fix

    - If all good archive your app and upload

    - Wait for some time

    - Choose your new build

    - Send your app for review

    Meanwhile on Android:

    - Run android studio

    - write your app

    - create a signed APK

    - Upload to store or share on Google Drive/online storage

    Told you it isn't that complicated but you seem to be an android fanboy *sarcasm*

    I still don't understand why on earth a physical device is needed I know app devs who just own android are completely capable of building a good performant maintainable iOS app
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    Not even once
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    @gitpush No special physical device is needed, just use your iPhone, which you clearly already have.

    Apple. Think like us.
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    @iSwimInTheC also good luck to people who are trying to use an iphone belonged to a dead relative...
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    @daniel-wu so, was this foiling a plan to knock them off and get into their bank accounts?
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    @Demolishun That's honestly none of Apple's business. Also all banking apps I used on Android require me to enter pin/password/additional info before transaction can be made, so unlocking the phone's screen lock alone is meaningless.

    Also I was talking about how Apple made it really really hard/impossible. I have seen people complaining about how they have provided their relative's death certificate and how they are together inside a family register. Yet Apple is unmoving.
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    @Demolishun you probably can't use it even if you wipe it first. They do it to reduce the amount of devices on the second hand market. Many android brands aren't any better.
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    @lorentz Of course why am I making a big deal out of it, shame on me 🤣
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    I like Mac, but I’ll admit Xcode is awful
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    XCode is a big, steaming pile of shit.

    Add to it Mac hardware being overpriced shit and it becomes tastier.

    And top it off with the bullshit draconian apple "developer experience".

    Guess I don't think correctly. 🤷😂

    But I ain't touching that shit again, not even with a laser pointer.
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    @daniel-wu If a relative can get into your phone, anyone can. It’s like saying I can’t bypass my 2FA after losing my 2FA device. It’s supposed to be not bypassable.
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    @fckIE This is simply not true. In civilized societies where the birth and death of citizens are recorded there are ways to distinguish relatives from everyone else. On a more subjective note, my sense of privacy extends no further than my self-awareness, so for all I care my phone could be unlocked by the first person who simultaneously holds the device and my death certificate.
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    @lorentz !remindMe 40 years
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    * laughs in debian *
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    Haha developing ios apps is a hell. Especially the emulators they where never correct. Always 1 or 2px off
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    Also try publishing the app in the app store. That will that you another month at least!
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    2FA is a security cargo cult
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    My last office had great acoustics for singing while developing 😜
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