it's sad to be a programmer in the uk

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    I'm British and I've ended up defaulting to color now... :(
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    It bugs British English learning students as well :/ #neverthesameagain
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    Bloody traitors. God save the Queen!
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    I bet on that long program that it will win in this fight.

    1. Auto highlight of problem area before you make the mistake
    2. It will show you the line when testing so you can then check and correct
    3. In some languages it doesn't even matter.
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    Hate the American spelling.
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    Also classes/methods with a 'z' instead of an 's' (i.e. InitialiZeComponent();)
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    Does your coding standard say use American English? If not then colour maths and centre are fine right? I wonder is there a js mix in for those..
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    I remember this issue when I was doing computer graphics, New Zealanders use UK spelling.

    What a pain :/
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    As an American with friends over seas I actually think colour is a much nicer spelling than color.
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    Unity C# includes color and colour, also gray and grey 😁
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    @byIcee didn't know that, that's good to know!
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    America the free! Don't tread on me! Tea taxes be damned!

    Now that that is out of the way, I do actually prefer colour... I read a lot of Warhammer 40k books which are usually British-English
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