Last night someone detonated an improvised nail bomb at a concert venue in downtown Manchester. 22 dead and 59 injured (many life threatening).

I'm working from home as my home is listed as a safe haven.

I'm not sure how much, if any, work I'll get done.

If you're in Manchester and need anything let me know.

It's all very much process:

Check everyone I know is ok
List house as safe space
Buy food
Keep passing information around to those who need it

No real time to think about it, just stay in the "response" mode.

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    From the US, you're in our thoughts and prayers
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    @juneeighteen Thanks, most of us who weren't there are just trying to help coordinate and get information out there to those that need it.

    Last night social media was alive with love and compassion.
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    @nmunro we stand with you! We are all targets. We need to stand together against extremism in all its forms.
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    These events make it easy to lose faith in all of humanity.

    Luckily there are people like you who help restore it. Even the smallest gestures of kindness are incredibly valuable for a community to recover.
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    I hope this atrocity and any of its kind will never happen again.
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    @bittersweet Hundreds of people in and around Manchester did the same, opening their homes and driving people home etc, we were all individually a lot of things, but collectively we were one: Mancunian!
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    Fuking extremists... My heart is with you guys. Come to Portugal... Terrorists don't care about us.

    Wish I could help...
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    @RodrigoF If you want to help, be defiant!

    This is how we roll in the UK: http://thepoke.co.uk/2017/05/...
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    @RodrigoF We were wounded, but not broken and as long as we have a way to make it funny, we're going to be ok.
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    @nmunro You remind me of the stories after WWII...
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    @RodrigoF It's something about being British, and even now I've been able to think up a joke, it's in very poor taste and it's the sort of joke you'd laugh at, then feel really bad inside for laughing and then tell the person making the joke that they're going to hell.
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