Day before easter holidays, a few years ago. It was evening and almost everyone had gone home. I finished a task, and immediately set off to do the next one, stressed as fuck, as usual. One colleague was left at the office, who asked me to at least eat something before I continued. I said I didn't have time, but after some negotiations sat down at the table, and realized I couldn't physically move the fork to my mouth.

I was having a panic attack. My colleague helped me with breathing excercises, gave me some pills and when I started to calm down a little, I said I'd better go back to work.

"No", she responsed, "we're going to the emergency"

I refused, since I had work to do, but she told me that I needed a person in a white lab coat to tell me that I shouldn't work for a while.

We went. The doctor gave me 3 weeks of sick leave, where I learnt a new word: No.

I thank the universe for not letting me get burnt out. I'm thankful for that amazing colleague.

I now work without stress, doing one thing at a time and saying no when my body says no.

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    Thank you for colleagues that want more than just code from us.
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    "No" is indeed a very important word for a software developer to know. They might pay you enough for your time, but they sure as hell don't pay enough for your health!
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    Tell 'thank you' her from me. She did good job.
    It's because of people like her we can keep the limits of sanity.
    Been there, been outside those limits, then forcibly taken back. Saved by a friend just like you.
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    I'm trying to recover from weeks of ongoing burnout due to stress from high school + several paid projects, and insomnia on top of all of that. Sad that there's no such thing as sick leave in school.
    I with I had a friend like yours...
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    Yeah, it's easy to get absorbed in your work and push yourself too hard. It's important to give yourself some down time. Kudos to your colleague for pushing you to realizing this!
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    If you show them paper from the shrink, they should honor it. At least it should work that way.

    However having sickleave is not an option when you're self employed like most of us.
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    Had a burn out this week myself... Magic pill gave me my first good sleep in two years
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    @mt3o From experience, the most they'd do (at least in a school) is provide you with counselling or some bullshit, and even if they do honor it, I'd miss material in my classes.
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    Since i read it, I fell in love with that colleague..😊
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    @jaydevs Actually, I did too. We both quit and were a couple for 2 years. :)
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