StackOverflow gatekeepers: "Voting is already communicating." Maybe it is, but in such a minimal way like an error message saying "an error occurred". Sadly this is current UX as well as long as nerds are in charge. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be a developer. Are we human or robots?

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    Anticipating a common reply: no, it was not my question that has been downvoted. I have learned how to write nerdy and narrow-mindedly enough to pass the nitpickers' criteria, but I still get upset sometimes that they prefer another React or jQuery bullshit detail question over any reasonable discussion.
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    Well, we're developers. Definitely not robots. But sometimes I doubt that my clients think of me as a human being and not a computing machine.
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    SO is nice for looking up questions that have long been answered by someone competent

    Asking questions today on that platform is frankly a horrible experience
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