My mother asked me to help her with her iPhone and (old) Mac

Her iPhone didn't synchronise her photos anymore, it showed a message saying her iPhone is locked (it wasn't)

So after searching a bit I asked her when this problem showed up.
apparently, she tried synching her iPhone for the first time since she upgraded to my sisters iPhone 5s.

I found out that osx 10.6.8 and ios 10.x.x don't like each other...


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    "It just works!"

    ...except when it doesn't, in which case you're fucked and can only reboot and pray.
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    @deadlyRants nope, it won't work whatever you try with this configuration.
    Her mac is just too old, there's a bunch of stuff that doesn't work with her osx version, and she can't have a newer version than 10.6.8 on her current mac

    She doesn't want to buy a new one just yet so I told her we could try Linux.

    So I'll install it on a fresh disk for her to try out someday, I hope she's gonna be able to work with it
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    I remember trying to send data from my friends iPhone to a MacBook. We had no internet, and it was impossible to do via a cable :/
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    @runfrodorun still, why just cut off the compatibility if it could still work? I mean, for a giant like Apple, they could, but they would never do such a thing

    Also I read on another rant that they now subtract basic features calling it "innovation"
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    @aile11 *cough* Like headphone jacks? *cough*
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    @BlueNutterfly yyyyuup :D

    @runfrodorun I maybe didn't say enough, what I meant was how they could mess it up so you can't even move your pictures over, because on other OS' it apparently emulates a camera to let them see the pictures. Just saying they could've done at least something like that.

    Now I'm still in my first year, and I didn't program anything great yet, but I do understand how tedious and time consuming porting is, I know of enough examples, I just meant Apple as a giant company could've maybe done a little bit better, just saying, the only indication of an error message was basically saying it doesn't work, which never helps anyone.

    I think I wanted to get a point across, but I lost it...
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    @runfrodorun well, as far as I can see the iPhone emulates a camera on non-appearance computers and does something else for macs wich apparently isn't supported on her mac anymore
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    @runfrodorun well, I'll introduce her to Linux sometime when we have time
    If she doesn't like it she'll have to buy a new laptop
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    @Tored luckily we still have airdrop. Or were the devices too old to support airdrop?
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