I sometimes write code by first putting comments and then writing the code.
#fetch data
#apply optimization
#send data back to server
Then i put the code in-between the comments so that i can understand the flow.
Anyone else has this habit?

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    Comments-driven development
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    @asgs is it an industry standard?
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    @xavier666 not a standard, it is sarcastic. And it is exactly orthogonal to what you are doing, which I guess some people are already doing
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    You're/I'm not alone in this :)
    Extra happy if afterwards I can delete all except the top-most comment (the one explaining 'why' all that had to be done) :D
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    I did it often when i started learn php; the problem is that this approach lead me to write procedural code, not oop and not easily mantainable in the mid-long term...
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    Sure, this is how a develop a solution to a tricky scenarios
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    This is how Morgan Freeman explains stuff 🙄 and yes this I do too
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    I usually create a diagram on Draw.io for OO projects but this sounds like a pretty good idea.
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    I put those //TODO: comments.
    They are picked up by the IDE and then I know why I screwed up.
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    I rather go into more detail in the comments and use that pseudocode for going through the logic in my head. Usually every line of pseudocode evolves into 1-3 lines of actual code
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    Comments make you boss, most ppl have no clue what they devv
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    Gonna have to try this soon.
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    You're so close! Make those tests instead and you'll be doing TDD.
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    Whenever I tackle a big problem, this is so helpful!
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    I "write" the program in a JSP editor before doing the actuall programming. Makes it easier to code! :)
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    I do -> trying new concept state only.
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    I just write Main and for each step call another function or interface that does not exist yet...

    So yea if you run my initial code, you'll just get a whole bunch of NullPointer or NotImplementedExceptions
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    @hendrik draw.io is awesome. Also try out creat.ly
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