!rant, need advice

I have no idea where to start with freelancing.

My girlfriend's been wanting to get some stuff but due to some issues hasn't been able to and has been extremely hesitant about bringing the topic up.

So to surprise her, I decided it'd be nice if I could freelance on the side and rake up some money so she can get the things she wants and I can spoil her (she's been through things and honestly deserves it).

So if you guys have any suggestions on where to start freelancing, that'd be great. I can do graphics and web design and just set up an anonymous Fiverr account but never had any luck with it.

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    Try freelancer.com it has various projects and even a developer can bid for a particular number of days needed for development. Build a strong profile there and give it a try. All the best :)
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    @BrainOnHorses Alright, I'll give it a shot! I've never really had much luck on there either (maybe I didn't do it right) but I'll try again. Thanks!
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    @thedevdevil Duly noted. Thanks man! I'll try doing that.
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    i have had very nice
    experience​s with people on fiverr. freelancer is good but not very good. also if are good at algorithms and coding u can try on hackathons or competitions, they have a good price money.
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    Set yourself up a website offering your services. Show some logos you've done etc.
    Once you got that, get out and talk to local businesses, Facebook page, tell your friends, family, colleagues... Freelancing is all about getting the first job. Do an excellent job first time and word will get around.
    Find local businesses with shit websites and offer to update upgrade. Local Facebook business groups are good too.
    Anything that's more personal than fiver, freelancer etc gives you much more chance of getting something with a lot less competition.
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    @theOverseer it's same case with me😂 but try to show some projects and skills and it should work out. :)
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