I just got scammed in web3. Again. Luckily by following an extremely strict risk management i lost $25.

But apparently now i have to be even more strict and be rigorous to the extremes.

"Pay me up front payment and ill start" Fuck you. Fuck all of you requesting for an upfront payment.

Do you think in the real world when you get hired at ANY job, do you think you're paid up front even a fucking dime? NO. You start working and get paid 1 whole ass Fucking month LATER. But only in web3 do these shitholes ask for an "uP fRoNt pAyMenT s0 i cAn StaRt wOrkiNg". No. Fuck you. I hope you get a fucking cancer and choke on a dead ape's dick.

How Fucking PATHETIC does your poor miserable waste of life have to be to scam someone for just $25? What the fuck?

Web3 is FULL, actually full is a compliment so I'll say it this way: Web3 is OVERLOADED AND OVERFILLED WITH FUCKING SCAMMERS. They're dripping EVERYWHERE. DMs. Discord. Twitter. Fake profiles. Fake messages. Fake cloned websites. Fake scam influencers. Fake marketers. Fake collab managers. Lies deception and exaggeration of results. Or even if it's the original collection, it's probably still a scam.

I don't know what to fucking do no more.

OH have i mentioned Web3 influencers? Oh my fucking god. These influencers on twitter for web3 are the most narcissistic, egocentric, arrogant, RUDE and EXTREMELY disrespectful as fucking pricks they are. I can not lead a normal conversation with ANY of them without them offending me because i dont want to give them my hard earned money right away. Fuck you. FUCK YOU. I HOPE YOUR WHOLE FAMILY DIES IN CAR CRASH FUCKING LOSERS.

Instead of focusing on building in web3 and developing software im now stressing 90% of the time about potential scammers and focus on being careful not to get scammed......

The amount of TOXICITY in Web3 is EXTREME. This is so Fucking ANNOYING and mentally EXHAUSTING

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    Just out of curiosity, exactly what part of "web3" wasn't a scam to you?
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    @C0D4 perfection.
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    @C0D4 @atheist how the fuck do these web3 companies expect crypto and nfts to ever fucking work or become the future? Not to mention cuckerberg's metaverse he's building - thats an even bigger bullshit. How is this technology supposed to be adopted by the world if on every fucking corner there's a fucking scammer? Just mentioning CRYPTO or NFT = automatic thoughts are SCAM and FRAUD
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    @b2plane they don't, it's a get rich quick and burn everyone in the process scheme 😅

    It's only taken you this long to work it out.
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    @C0D4 double kill
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    @C0D4 i kept hoping its a legit space that can be worked in. There's always bad apples in all industries but my God this has became unmanageable. So exhausting
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    Why would you ever pay $25 upfront for software? Anyone who takes their skills seriously will go for hundreds of dollars in advance to pay for a meaningful amount of effort. If someone wanted to pay $25 in advance I'd assume they're trying to scam me.
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    Web3 is a scam in itself. Nuff said
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    @lorentz its not a payment for software
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    What did you expect? The core idea behind the current crypto currencies is to make it impossible to fix errors or impement any sort of law enforcement¹. So if someone manages to get your money, they know that there is nothing you can do about them just keeping it.

    ¹Except when you are part of the inner circle making the blockchain clients - then you can plot forks and stuff to revert transactions to help your peers cover up some bugs in their DAO contracts...
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    @C0D4 larger problems than this bs
    For those of us that live in the real world problems are more redundant and interrelated and could have been solved by now
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    "Do you think in the real world when you get hired at ANY job, do you think you're paid up front even a fucking dime?"
    Not related to web3 bs but I once got paid up front from someone I barely know lol, he suggested it and it wasn't even a small amount
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    I think NFTs do actually have some unique potential, but the fundamental problem is most of them function as links and nothing else. There's a single point of failure, the server they point at... It's possible to store data (eg code) on a blockchain (but pretty expensive). If an algorithm to generate art was stored, and NFTs sold for a unique set of inputs, that'd be pretty cool. But not what happens.

    Although the whole "decentralised, unregulated highly volatile asset" has turned the space scammy... And soured the tech...
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    Anything crypto (not cryptography) is a scam. You may have a handful of good actors, but for the most part is a tumor in society and yet one more bad thing we’ve done with technology.
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    On one hand, early internet was wild and scammy too, so maybe any large thing becomes civilized with time. On the other hand, internet had future, and we don't know if web3 is the same.
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    Well if he can scam even 100 people in one day, that is like 2500$ a day. Do that 4 days a week and you get every week 10k.

    Even if it is only half that, it still looks lucrative enough. But any ethics, moral or pride is gone out of the window...
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    @b2plane "how the fuck do these web3 companies expect crypto and nfts to ever fucking work or become the future?" - they don't.

    they just expect stupid people to put their money into it, so they can grab it and laugh while they watch it crash and burn.

    you want to invest in something that's less sketchy than "web3"? go buy a timeshare from a nigerian prince.
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    @devRancid those are rare moments. And he probably worked most of his time with people who requested him an up front payment so he figured out its normal to do it himself too
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    @NeatNerdPrime make that a .io or an onion link
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    @NeatNerdPrime Never mind, I thought this was a joke url
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    @lorentz no worries or apologies needed, it's meant to read as sarcasm. That being said, good journalistic website. The very reason why I completely abstain from cryptocurrency.
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    The only thing I use crypto for is buying illegal drugs.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 what if u get caught lacking
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    @d4ng3r0u5 But wasn't the point of crypto that you cannot do illegal stuff because you know of the whole blockchain thing ?
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