The sales team sold a project using our 'innovative framework', which had 'prebuilt components', which we 'only needed to plug n play' with a 10 week deadline. Of course, the framework didn't exist. Guess who was the lucky guy who had to create the framework AND finish the project in 10 weeks? fml...

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    Been there. Except that my company made a big press release, announced a big party and informed all the users in ADVANCE
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    @pardeike hahaha why do they do that? it's like shooting yourself in the foot... i really don't understand non technical people...
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    I *think* that their line of thought is like: "if we add enough risk for failure and build up the pressure then they will not dare to fail that task"

    It's like saying that by putting 5 bullets in a revolver instead of one when playing Russian roulette will make it less likely to shoot yourself
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    On a second note: who said that they thought about anything at all?
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    @pardeike in their mind, they're bold risktakers, when in reality they're just plain idiots...
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