If I am responding to a rant or a comment. I would like to be able see the rant or the comment. When writing comments I have found myself paddling between the post and my soon-to-be comment because I forgot what I was responding to in the first place.

Look at the attached image. There's a lot of wasted space that could be useful for this. I think this would be a huge QoL improvement. What do you think?

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    @kjelle totally agree!
    For example I had to close the comment popup to look at your username 😄
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    Not bad, would be useful
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    A simple overflow menu with |v| button could be better than showing the whole post in the empty space below.
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    Yeah, I asked this yonks ago. Definitely would find it useful.
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    It used to not save your message for you to be able to go back and forth, that was a great improvement.

    This would be an awesome feature
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    Here have a ++
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    I totally agree but the 'empty' space is not wasted as it is occupied by the keyboard :)
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    In the UWP app, there is an option to have the comment like this. And it works! Thanks to @JS96
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    @Raamakrishnan in v2 it will use even less space 😁
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    @JS96 Wow that looks great! I'm waiting to use it!! I suppose you will show the char count only when near the limit.
    And acrylic too!!✌😃
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