What I'm posting here is my 'manifesto'/the things I stand for. You may like it, you may hate it, you may comment but this is what I stand for.

What are the basic principles of life? one of them is sharing, so why stop at software/computers?
I think we should share our software, make it better together and don't put restrictions onto it. Everyone should be able to contribute their part and we should make it better together. Of course, we have to make money but I think that there is a very good way in making money through OSS.

Next to that, since the Snowden releases from 2013, it has come clear that the NSA (and other intelligence agencies) will try everything to get into anyone's messages, devices, systems and so on. That's simply NOT okay.
Our devices should be OUR devices. No agency should be allowed to warrantless bypass our systems/messages security/encryptions for the sake of whatever 'national security' bullshit. Even a former NSA semi-director traveled to the UK to oppose mass surveillance/mass govt. hacking because he, himself, said that it doesn't work.

We should be able to communicate freely without spying. Without the feeling that we are being watched. Too badly, the intelligence agencies of today do not want us to do this and this is why mass surveillance/gag orders (companies having to reveal their users' information without being allowed to alert their users about this) are in place but I think that this is absolutely wrong. When we use end to end encrypted communications, we simply defend ourselves against this non-ethical form of spying.
I'm a heavy Signal (and since a few days also Riot.IM (matrix protocol) (Riot.IM with end to end crypto enabled)), Tutanota (encrypted email) and Linux user because I believe that only those measures (open source, reliable crypto) will protect against all the mass spying we face today.
The applications/services I strongly oppose are stuff like WhatsApp (yes, encryted messages but the metadata is readily available and it's closed source), skype, gmail, outlook and so on and on and on.

I think that we should OWN our OWN data, communications, browsing stuffs, operating systems, softwares and so on.

This was my rant.

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    Go to r/darknet, they are building their own internet, atleast that's what I think
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    So one question, how would you prevent terrorism?
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    @billgates by not being dickheads that attack civilians and make our own enemies.
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    @iam13islucky what about the Russians?
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    @billgates Russians are not much, but I must say North Korea is following what @iam13islucky is saying, also ISIS is worse, I have nothing seen suck vulgerness in a terror group ever, also have you watched their beheading/headshot videos, fuckers have got so much budget that they fucking add slo-mo to the videos.
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    Collaboration without restriction. Is it utopia, or just some euphoria?

    It's funny how most developed countries organizations are handling all informations flow intensely, while on other less developed ones, we still ramble about blaming someone for blasphemy on some social media

    Just my 2 cents on this rant. It's a good rant.
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    @billgates You don't! It's not possible.
    You DEAL with it and work on the source problems.
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    @gnaaah but there are so many problems? Racism, religion, economics, ...
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    Solid rant!
    Although I haven't completely swallowed the OSS kool-aid yet, and I don't think that open source is the answer to everything, I still respect your opinion.
    And some of the points you've highlighted are actually pretty scary 😦
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    @billgates Indeed. To tackle those problems you need an open dialog. If you lock down the society, focus on security and ignore the root problems you will only loose the values you were trying to protect in the first place, while also stagnating with the status quo.
    Just my two cents...
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    Now just replace OSS with Free software not to upset Stallman :D
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    I just can't get my friends to join signal...
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    I agree with a lot of this in principal but the problem is that criminals and terrorists are being handed the perfect tools to commit atrocities also.

    I don't know what the answer is.
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    @GigaMick i see your point, but that's the nature of the beast: in order to have reliable crypto, we have to accept the fact that it will be available to criminals as well.
    On the flip side, ever since the Snowden leaks, and right up to the WannaCry ransomware, we have been shown extesively that there is no backdoor that only police can use. wether through leaks or ill will, if, a hole exists in the crypto, it *will* be exploited.
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    @Elendil but history shows, no matter what, it will always be cat and mouse?

    Or all of this won't matter anymore when quantum computers and AI rule the world.
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    I fully agree with everything you said here. I stand by those same principles, so let me virtually shake you hand, sir.

    People always say I'm paranoid when they see me using linux or duckduckgo, or when I tell them I deleted my Facebook account. It's nice to see some people share my opinion about these topics.

    If only I could stop using whatsapp... Sadly that doesn't come down to personal choice, I would have to convince every one I know to switch to a free, non-Facebook controlled alternative, which is not am easy thing to do, really.
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    @billgates terrorism is just an idea, you can't fight an idea. You can make it obsolete.
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