"It is just a small task. I can do that in just..." Never ever ever say the above statement even if you are 10000% confident.

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    Friday after lunch got a bug report from something I did 2 weeks ago and my reply was exactly that, 2 hours after and I was still dealing with it
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    I have been working like two weeks in something that I was going to finish in one hour or two two weeks ago.
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    Ok.... you win
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    Task estimation max 3h.. if the damn thing was working properly in the first place!! Ofc I didn't know what I was getting into.. took me month+ to partially fix it (&understand a 1/4 of it) then when I got to deadend (js framework errors/bugs everywhere cuz of improper implementation from the start) had to spend another 2 weeks rewriting it from scratch.. FML! 😭😭😭😭 Almost ragequit after that fiasco..
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    I just double the time...
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