When you are in the elevator with like 20 people and everyone is looking at a white screen with ads and pictures and a blue tab bar in the top.
And i am the only one with the strange looking purple app and only english with no ads.

Time to stop twitter and facebook.

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    devRant right ;)
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    twitter has a dark theme, i know that - and i believe there's outside facebook clients with customization options
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    @ParkCity ssssh!

    98 people out of 100 hate dark theme. they say it makes them sleppy. (I mean the normal people, not devs)
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    @CozyPlanes well, because of blue light and our eyes, they have science to back them up. that being said, Devs aren't really human and don't conform to the laws of science regarding sleep ;)
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    @CozyPlanes They arent used to stare at lcd more than 8 hour a day for sure ;)
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    Amount of important information I found on devRant so far - zero.
    On a single Twitter visit I found out that DotNet Core 2.0 has reached its zero-bug goal, that a new version of DBeaver was released, that a new conference that interested me was held not far from where I live, etc.
    On a single Facebook visit I found out that we're all gonna die because of immigrants, I confirmed the 1000th time that my former colleague has a baby, and probably have enough material to model his head in 3D in great detail, and maybe even do a 3D print. I also found out about a new contactless payment (NFC) app available in my region so I won't have to use my Visa card any more.

    So don't bitch about Twitter and Facebook.
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    @apisarenco U just need good rss source (twitter, fb ? nah...)
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    @CSaratakij with rss i only get info from established sites that often change owners, authors, policies. Or from bloggers who really actually come up with good stuff themselves. With Twitter i can follow accounts that match my interests, that will link good articles and important news. News on Twitter travels fastest.

    As for Facebook - I found ads that are interesting for me, for products that i would actually look for. And i get only the most important news from there, without having to read tons of news about Trump or the Kardashians.

    RSS can't do that.
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