JS Console: user_name is undefined
Señor Dev: can't be the API response has it!
The API response: usre_name

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    Oh man, these always get me.

    I'm slightly dyslexic when it comes to characters.

    Very dyslexic with numbers.

    123 is the same as 123 to me.
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    *spends half an hour staring at numbers*
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    @sariel you have a point dear sarieI
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    Spell checking in IDEs / editors, always a good idea.

    *mumbles something about nothing makes more fun to refactor several projects due to spelling mistakes*
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    @sariel *mumbles something about glorious idiots who use static constants to avoid magic strings with string concatenation*

    private static String SEPARATOR = "_";
    private static String API_USER_NAME = "user" + SEPARATOR + "name";

    @darkwind somehow your name plopped up in my brain. That's the funky stuff the fresh recruits come up with...
    Clean Coding ftw.
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    Also Señor Dev:? Can’t fix it now, too many things depend on usre, you should accept the broken name and just go with it.
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    @devphobe it's now part of the architecture
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