Why tf do I feel so dumb every day at work? Is it normal?

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    you have a break down, a physical and mental break down, ... this can be caused due to enflamation, stroke, or infections
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    I think it's better to feel (somewhat) dumb all the time than to feel too smart for everything. One can learn, the other can leave.
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    @PonySlaystation what if they feel dumb because they don't learn? Smart people don't know everything either but they can learn.
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    @electrineer darn. that burns.
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    I think the more you learn the more stupid you feel.
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    @just8littleBit or the more people I meet the better my bookshelf looks.
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    it keeps us humble
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    Sometimes I think that 2 plus 2 must be 3, or dunno how to do other simple stuff.

    Happens. Laugh it off, you're human.

    Now if you think you're dumb because you're an insecure, whiny, self pitying looser. Get over it. You're just like everyone else, me included. We all have moments where we seemingly are too incompetent to be alive, that's just the way it is.

    Deal with it. Learn from your mistakes, don't make yourself smaller than you are. Have some 🥞.
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    I can't do simple stuff. Well, I can but it'll take me ages to do it. My brain just can't ever get around to do it. Simple find & replace terms from a file & check that it still works afterwards as a new script? Nope, can't do. I had to work it around into a script that does it for me to make it more complex. >.>

    My brain is just living on a higher complexity level so it feels I'm dumb when I'm working in a too simple environment. It sounds harsh for other people but I can't help it. <.<"
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