//Long rant

[Boss man]: Hey, we need you to build us a web app.

[Me]: Okay, what do you need it to do?

[Boss man]: We need staff to be able to login from anywhere, create new appointments, check room availability, display live times for the rooms, schedule future appointments, record all the data as stats and export the stats to (email address).

[Me]: Okay, sounds useful, anything else?

[Boss man]: we also need it to send all relevant data to a calendar where certain staff will be notified by email of events.

[Me]: Okay... I'll get right on starting this.

[Boss man]: So you can have it done by the end of the day? (4 hours from this time)

[Me]: *Internal screaming* *WHAT THE FUCK* Uhm, no, I don't think that is possible to complete in a four hour period by myself.

[Boss man]: Okay, well by tomorrow then, I'm leaving for the day though, have a good one.


//End long rant

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    Nice username m8
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    Why not use off-the-shelf sofware for that? I'm sure there are at least several options.

    You can even clean your hands off it if your company is big enough: "sure, ask the purchase departement to find and buy that webapp for you".
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    I know this "boss man", he sits behind me workspace..😠
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    I hope you promptly quit
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    Bluejeans has all that.
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    Isn't this just outlook wtf...
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    The main issue with why I can't use Outlook or Blue jeans is because they aren't for staff. The rooms and appointments are for public clients, where we can't directly use their personal information, only a barcode that we assign each client. This is how they interact with services, and they wouldn't want any client information to leave the local network. -_- I just don't understand how you could think that could be built in 4 hours by one person.
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    @Zer0C00L ah, I was all like 🤔🤔 but now I get it... Good luck dev soldier!
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    But still this sounds more like chitchat than a real project to me
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    @karma I hope so. Because if he comes in expecting it to be done I might actually explode. I'm inclined to believe it as this isn't the first random project they have assigned me with impossible deadlines. I then explain the actual things that need to be done to accomplish what he assumes is a few clicks. As if all code is codeblocks 😂😂😫.
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    @Zer0C00L ask him for the requirements, within the hour lol 😏
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    Use SLACK bitches 😎

    On second opinion, draw paper chits with names on it
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