Client: Do you know how to make this WordPress faster?
Me: yup.

* 30 minutes later*

Me: *googles* "How to make WordPress faster"

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    Hahaha we've all done it
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    Step 1: pay more than £1 a month for hosting
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    I would use that only after the hell is frozen. My hint is to tell them to use something developed to their needs and of course you can do it for a reasonable price (just stats and no specific technologies because all clients subclassed as thiefs when it comes to technology)
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    @robzombie111 You got me in a loop I typed "learn how harry made his wordpress faster with one simple trick" your result is the top one so I clicked it, and been doing this for the last hour...
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    @robzombie111 Holy shit, it's so fast now!
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    Uninstall all the shitty slow plugins (especially social media crap). There, Wordpress is fast now.
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    Upgrade to PHP 7. Done.
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