I'm not really one for news, but apparently (a while ago) there was some 12 year old who taught himself to code and made his own apps and whatnot. Girlfriend informed me of this.

Just got told that I'm a useless piece of shit because Im 23 and don't develop apps and I'm not rich like this kid. Fuck man. I develop mostly server side software, and I personally fucking wrote half the shit the company uses. No one really knows, so naturally in the silent developer. Don't much care about that. But fuck, being told I'm useless because a 12 year old has more money than me really made me take one straight to the balls. Now I'm sitting here, moping, downloading android studio, and just going to prove a person wrong. I can fucking code an app, it's not that hard.

Should have just said fuck off, but I don't have the strength and effort to face flying cups anymore.

Android sdk, here I come.

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    That's the spirit!!! Go prove them wrong man, hard work always pays off :)
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    When I hear a story like this i like to see the app and read some of the comments https://sensortower.com/ios/us/...
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    Its ok, money is for capitalists and the weak. You make a difference like a silent guardian. Every superhero starts this way.
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    @spacem haha the reviews of that app be like 🔥🔥🔫🔫🔫
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    25 here. Have been learning coding 2 years now and don't regret a single day. Don't have job yet so you are doing owesome! If like what you do you are luckier than most of people.
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    Saved @theScientist
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    Same boat 25 and learning, going job hunting soon @korppu
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    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates got rich programming.... If behing a programer makes you automatically rich everyone would do it
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    False people are lazy af. @RodrigoF
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    That it does. That it does. Assumptions all around.
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    Share the apps, I'll give them a download and check them out. Share them this side too with my peers.
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    Thanks man. That's what I needed to hear. Got me thinking profoundly, and making me think it's time to review my perception and reactions to situational stress.
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