An incident which made a Security Researcher cry
I was working on my laptop finishing up my code while waiting for the flight which was late . Meanwhile two guys (I'm gonna call them Fellas) in black suit and shades came to me

Fella : Sir you have to come with us .
Me : *goes along with them*
Fella : Sir please proceed *points towards the door . The room has a round table with some guys discussing something *
Fella 1 : Your passport please
Me : *Hands over the passport*
Fella 1 : Where are you traveling to sir?
Me : India
Fella 1 : Put your laptop in the desk sir.
Me : Sure thing
Fella 2 : What were you doing there? *Taps the power button*
Me : Just finishing up my work .
Fella 1 : Or hacking our systems?
Me : Seriously?
Fella 2 : The password please .
Me : Here you go
*5 minutes have passed and​ he still can't figure out how to use the machine*
Fella 2 : Which Windows is this?
Me : It's Linux
Fella 1 : So you are a hacker .
Me : Nope
Fella 1 : You are using Linux
Me : Does it matters?
Fella 1 : Where do you work?
Me : *I won't mention here but I told him*
Fella 2 : So what do you do there?
Me : I'm a Security Researcher
Fella 1 : What's your work?
Me : I find security holes in their systems .
Fella 1 : That means you are a hacker .
Me : Not at all .
Fella 2 : But they do the same and they use Linux .
Me : You can call me one .
*After 15 minutes of doo-laa-baa-dee-doo-ra-ba-doo amongst them I dunno what they were talking , they shutdown the computer and handed over it to me*
Fella 2 - So you are somewhat like a hacker .
Me - *A bit frustrated* Yes.

##And now the glorious question appeared like an angel from river ##

Can you hack Facebook?
Me - 😭😭😭

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    That was a slick move by them :)
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    Do you use Kali Linux?
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    I Live Boot when I wish to use Kali . Mostly I'm on Ubuntu . That day I was on Ubuntu with XFCE desktop environment .
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    The neck and head is always the weakest pint of any man, try punching horizontally with your plan straight on the throat, or just use a elbow jab on the chin (this will hit hard as the angular momentum you generate while swirling your elbow hits hard) also try removing any rings from your hands.
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    @mrtnrdl They would've nodded then also πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Soooo... You are a hacker πŸ™„?
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    @gitpush apparently πŸ˜‹
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    @BabaJiX86 you are lucky they only wanted Facebook and not every social media to be hacked πŸ˜‚
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    Great story XD I knew what was gonna happen when I read "black suit" but I didn't expect this ending LOOOL
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    Sounds like they just trolled you.
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    @BugsBuggy They fucked my mood 😑
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    @BabaJiX86 wait did that really happen?
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    @badsector I had about about 5 paragraphs prepared as an answer but then remembered that we don't engage in political discussions on DevRant.
    In short look up the patriot act and any other law that was passed after a terrorist attack.
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    But, can you?
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    It's like accusing a cook of being a murderer because he uses a knife
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    That's what happen when dumb people are put in high places and place dumber people bellow them...

    So are you hacking us?
    No sure, I'm manipulating the stocks... How do you think I own a private 747?
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    @RodrigoF haha πŸ˜† As if I would've told them Dear Sir , yes I was hacking into your systems πŸ˜‚
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    @SpectralKH nice definition xD
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    This is why we should need 2 meter tall poster with us explaining white hat and black hat
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    @amahlaka I was Grey though πŸ˜‚ back in my school time .
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    Perfect analogy @SpectralKH
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    Dude thanks for making my day up :`) ♥
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    should have told them yes and if they ask how you should have answered "by hitting them hard enough till they give out their password "
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    Seriously, wtf is wrong with these guys?πŸ˜‚
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    @amahlaka I second that
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    Why the first question is always "can you hack facebook?" I would prefer to ask "can you hack a bank?" ;-)
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    @shelladdicted because your private info omis more valuable than your bank account info
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    @amahlaka of course but i think that when something is uploaded on facebook servers lost all his value. Because it's not private anymore. And i didn't say MY bank account. But some 10^6$ bank account.
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    Where did the river goto?
    Similarly where did the talk goto?
    *face palm*
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    Well, could you?
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    Yeah...not exactly sure they can just look through your computer like that...
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