My mouse/keyboard(+numpad) combo.
Why does Microsoft think that everyone needs a dedicated key to open the calculator?! I have one on both my keyboard (top-right) and the separate numpad. I used to press the calculator button by mistake when going for backspace - remapped it now.

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    Ohhh, I was thinking about buying the same. How do you like it?
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    @meseguer1998 It's great. Keyboard and mouse take a bit of getting used to. You'll need to know how to type properly because the split in the keyboard will mess you up otherwise. Also if you get sweaty palms/wrists, you'll want to wipe the wrist-rest every-so-often so it doesn't get any bumps. And, of course, you'll want to get Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center on Windows (idk on other OSes) and disable the calculator button.
    I haven't experienced carpal tunnel on it yet, so I guess that's a big plus :)
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