Oh crap seems like we will switch our automation from java to python.

Any recomendation to good recources or books to start with python?

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    @kp15 not sure, but your comment is welcome here :)
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    This comment is just wonderful.
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    If it's simple automation that needs to store data but not much, all you need is python3 and sqlite3, if you need a gui on top of it use appJar, it won't look pretty but will function predictable, use threads for non blocking checking and constant running proccess
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    Here's some stuff that might be helpful. This link has some condensed info on the basic things u need to program in Python, it's a pretty easy read and gives some basic code examples: https://www.learnpython.org/. Learn Python the hard way is also good, u'll have to skim past the parts that are meant for those who have never programed B4 but the code examples are much nicer: https://learnpythonthehardway.org/b.... Personally I find the Python docs to b really nice. I would say make sure to know what dictionaries are (basically hashmaps), sometimes the different terminology trips ppl up. Python is a nice language. Hope I gave u some good places to start 😁
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