Between android studio and Unity, which one si better to make a adventure text game? Why? (i'm learning, dont kill me please)

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    u mean something like MUD?
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    There are text based game frameworks. Better to use that I guess!
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    Text game with unity requires tough work.
    If you dont need high graphics, make viewpager(?) or cardview with some text and recyclerview in android,
    Or just google for text game frameworks
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    What kind of game?

    If it's complex, better to use Unity. If is a simple one, use Android Studio.
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    @Jorghe something like that, the text is the story. You select a option. The story changes according to your choices. You die.
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    Probablemente si sea mejor hacerlo en Android Studio, ya que en unity se dificulta muchas veces trabajar con objetos UI, raycast, onmouseclick, etc. @Hezen-Dar
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    Gracias por la respuesta, que bien que hables en español :D creo que usaré el android studio, como sugeriste, muchas gracias @Jorghe
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    >Capítulo chingón
    De nada, no tengo mucha experiencia con android studio, pero si necesitas ayuda con Unity, aqui estoy para cualquier cosa
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